Which is Better for Gaming: Windows Phone or iPhone?

Gaming – whether it is playing online casino games like poker and the slots – or hugely successful games designed specifically for mobiles, is a huge industry, and a big part of the appeal of these devices. Therefore it is vital for the major phone manufacturers to be able to attract the very best developers to create cutting edge games compatible with their operating systems, and there is no question that Microsoft and Apple are two of the leading manufacturers. So, when it comes to gaming, does the Windows Phone or the iPhone come out on top?

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Up until now there has never really been any doubt that Apple’s iPhone ruled the roost when it came to offering the best possible gaming experience, as Windows Phone simply has not been able to compete with it when it came to the top games. The selection is smaller, and the quality varies, and many opt for playing in browser instead on sites. A significant reason for this is financial, with many of the top developers opting to create for iOS because they feel it offers the best possible chance of a decent monetary return – a problem that has also plagued the Android OS in attempting to compete with the App Store. Getting your online casino games straight from the provider thus looks like a good option.
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This is a problem that Microsoft is aiming to address with its latest model – the Windows Phone 8 – by enabling the games developers to provide players with the chance to purchase in-game, which they clearly hope will persuade them that the Windows OS has the same opportunities for financial advancement as developing for iOS. Aside from this, Microsoft has also made other changes when it comes to the Windows Phone 8, in an attempt to improve it as a gaming phone – particularly the decision to use native Windows 8 code. This, theoretically at least, should make the process of transferring existing successful Windows games over to the phone more feasible. It will also mean that games developers will not have to spend resources and time on coding, which could again help make it a more attractive prospect.