Sites Like Youtube - Sports Video Highlights Youtube alternative

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The internet is flooded with video streaming websites. Youtube is and always has been the industry leading video content website. The variety of videos on Youtube is mind blowing and if you can’t find a video about a topic on Youtube then it probably doesn’t exist anywhere else. 

Youtube can be equated to the Walmart or the IKEA of online video content, a massive space filled with a huge variety of content. For enthusiastic sports fans access to a reliable sports video highlights source is critical. Die hard fans that miss their favorite team’s match or game, or that simply want to see the game again, rely on sports video highlights. The first place to look for sports highlights will normally be Youtube, but there are a number of other sports video highlights websites out there that gives its users a front row seat to watching their favorite team. 

Custom experiences is a huge fan favorite in the current day and age. Gone are the days of simply being one of the masses, and as a enthusiastic sports fan you deserve a custom video highlights source. There are many Roar Tube youtube alternatives available online but one of the best, if not the best, sports video highlights sources is Roar Tube. 

Roar Tube, the name says it all. Roar Tube is the one stop shop for sports fans that are looking for their fix of video highlights. Roar Tube has video highlights of all the latest NFL, rugby, soccer, cricket and NBA games from around the globe. Roar Tube isn’t only great for the variety of content that it has available, it is great for a variety of different other reasons as well. 

Roar Tube gives sports fans access to sport video highlights from around the world, this is very important for global sports fans that support teams that play in different time zones. Keeping up with NFL games in the USA, soccer games in Europe and rugby and cricket in Australia can be a very daunting task, but with Roar Tube you will be able to stay up to date with all of the action from your favorite teams. 

Roar Tube is more than just a sports video highlights source, it is a community where like minded sports fans can interact and engage on topics related to their favorite teams. This is very appealing for fans, having a community where they can share the hardships and victories of their teams with fellow enthusiastic fans provides them with a sense of comradery that is comparable to watching a game live from the stands. Fans that have family and friends that support different teams will enjoy this in particular, being able to blow off steam or celebrate with your fellow fans is a lot better than arguing with a family member about bad decisions made by officials. 

In addition to creating a community Roar Tube is also very user friendly. Going to the stadium and watching your team play live is a fun experience, watching the video  highlights of your favorite team’s game should be an equally fun experience. Roar Tube’s website is easy to negotiate, it has a user friendly easy to use design, and finding the highlights of your favorite teams game is a walk in the ballpark. 

Roar Tube focuses solely on providing the sports enthusiast with high quality video highlights of the game or games that they missed or want to see again. Alternative sports highlights websites, Youtube included, are guilty of bombarding their fans with pop up ads. As a true sports enthusiast your focus is on watching your team and ads can be a lousy distraction. Roar Tube gives the fans what they want, ad free highlights of the game.

It is easy to understand why fans will want to go to Youtube in order to find video highlights of a recent game that they either missed or that they simply want to watch again, but there are other alternative sports video highlight sources that are well worth the visit instead. Roar Tube will change the way that you watch sports video highlights for the better, it gives fans a place of belonging where they can stay up to date with all of their favorite teams from around the globe.  

Using Google’s Evolving Algorithm To Optimize SEO Of Different Brands

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Technological innovations are moving forward with various types of ideas constantly popping up in the world of SEO Industry. When it comes to SEO, there are a lot of other things that are evolving, like voice search. With the introduction of voice assistants like Apple’s Sir, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s own Google Assistant, people are now doing more searches by physically speaking to their devices, for information. Therefore, let’s see how can we optimize SEO.
Optimizing Voice Searches
Nowadays, most people are searching for local businesses with the help of voice. Therefore, the SEO experts, content writers, business owners and webmasters need to make sure that, they are creating content in accordance with the with the type of questions people are asking through these voice searches. In other words, your website should have to include all the right words, that are helpful towards search engines, in order to get more detailed results. SEO results can be affected by everything, including heading and subheadings.
Give Importance To Mobile
With the help of mobile first indexing, Google is trying to adapt to the evolution of SEO. Google has already announced that it will be first looking at the mobile version of a website, before the desktop version, in order to decide how well the website be ranked and indexed. There are many web designers out there, who make a website, without planning how well the mobile version will look. This not only includes smartphones but also tablets as well. Therefore, it is very much important that a webmaster should provide with a website that is not only user-friendly but also mobile ready as well.

Apart from that, the speed of the mobile site is also very important as well. It helps in ranking and indexing the website first in the Google search results. Mobile websites that take more time to load, will be ranked below on Google Search results.
Google, in the past times, have used various backlinks and content to be as the primary factor in order to decide the rankings of a particular website. But, now Google is using an AI  or Artificial Intelligence, called Rank Brain. It helps to decide how websites should be ranked based on the number of visitors that visit the website, how many visitors leave the website and how long they stay on the website. Google also tries to look at how many times the brand of a company is mentioned as well, without having any kind of backlink. Therefore, mentioning of brand names is becoming more important in SEO algorithms.

Change Guest Posts Intentions
In the earlier days, guest posts are used on various third-party websites are used to gain much more backlinks, and thus improve SEO as well. But now, guest posts are on Google's radar, and it will not be making the same impact as before. It is always recommended to have a "no follow" tag on the guest posts links. Thus Google will not be counting the link, and no SEO will be enhanced. It is made for the purpose that guest posts should only be made for the sake of it, and not making to improve the SEO results of the website.

Still, Google is making constant changes and also testing as much as possible. Therefore, it will be very interesting to see what changes will they make as the year goes along, from an SEO standpoint.

Best Online File Converters

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A reliable file converter is always needed when you want to especially convert hundreds of various types of images and documents. Not only that, you will also be needing the best converter, that comes with all the necessary qualities and features. This will ensure that you will be getting a very trouble-free and almost very quick conversion as well.

The main problem that users tend to face, when they try to convert images on websites that are not at all reliable, the images tend to lose their overall quality. Therefore, not only the user gets a downgraded image, but also wastes his or her time in the process as well. Things like these will definitely leave the users unhappy, as well as dissatisfied too.

Therefore, today in this article, we’re going to talking about as a great option for doing all kinds of image and document conversion. We will also be talking about its competitors along with its key features as well.

What Is OnlineCovertFree?
OnlineConvertFree is mainly a conversion website, that provides all of its users' very magnificent features, that will fully enable them to convert any kind of file into their choices that they have. One can easily convert files such JPG to PNG, PDF to PNG, TIFF to PDF, PNG to ICO, PNG to JPG, etc. Therefore, this online website gives its users a very huge list of options for conversion, so that users don't have to search the net for converting files.  The conversion process is very much fast and agile and only take a few minutes as well. You can also convert any kind of image, to and from BMP, PNG, JPEG and even GIFs.

What Are Its Key Features?
Some of the key features of OnlineCovertFree are as follows :
  • The interface is very much simple and intuitive.
  • One can easily add files by selecting or dragging the required files into the website.
  • The user has the option to select any kind of their own desired format for output.
  • Users will be getting a high quality and a conversion which is lossless.
  • There is also document conversion as well, with HTML and PDF converters.
Which Are Its Competitors?
Some of the competitors for OnlineConvertFree are :
    • Zamzar : This is one kind of file converter which supports more than 1200 formats. It has options for eBook, images, documents, video, etc.
    • Online-Convert : This is also a great platform that will allow you to convert a variety of file formats. But before you proceed, you should make sure that the format is supported.
    • Convert.Files : This is also a simple conversion website, that will provide you with several kinds of input and output options. You will have the to review all the supported formats. You can just browse for your file, or just insert the URL, and after selecting your desired format, you’re all set. It will have formats for images, document, video, drawing, audio, etc.
  • Convertio : Converting files is done very quickly in Covertio. One can easily convert files from an URL, or computer, or Dropbox or even Google Drive as well. Convertio also lets you convert multiple files at once too.
  • FileZigZag : FileZigZag is an email-based file converter. It supports video, images, audio, documents, etc. You can upload your file, and select the output format and then enter their email address. The user will receive a link in their email, containing the converted file, which they can obtain by visiting that link.
Therefore, it can be easily seen that with so many options in the market nowadays, it is pretty easy for users to select an option for their usage. Each of the above file converters has their own unique features, so it is always recommended to choose the one which suits your usage in the best way possible.

Six Useful Safety Tips For Protecting Your Overhead Crane Workers

Monday, September 10, 2018

In various industries of today, overhead cranes are used extensively, in order for movement and transportation of different kinds of loads. This overhead crane consists mostly in parallel runways, along with a travelling bridge too. The part of the crane, which is the hoist, mostly travels along this bridge, and thus helps in saving money and precious time, for various companies and handlers.

This also tells us that, handling a huge overhead crane is of utmost importance. Therefore, for any kind of money and time saving, one should always be careful in the overhead crane usage. So, following a set of safety rules, for this reason, is very much significant. This will help you to keep yourself assured that everything is working in the right way possible. So, without further ado, let's jump into some of the most important for the safety of your overhead crane usage.

Six Safety Rules For Overhead Crane Usage
The Importance Of Doing Crane Inspection And Maintenance

Always you should make sure that the hoist of the crane is always in the workable condition. Not only that, you have to make sure that it also works fine as well. It is always recommended to check before your usage, in case if you’re not using it currently. This will help you a lot, in saving time and also keeping your workers safe as well.

Make Sure That The Hook Of The Crane Has No Obstacles

An overhead crane will always move any kind of load over your head, and that makes it very terrifying to even think about it. Therefore, it will in your best interest to see that there are no such obstacles that will come before the hook of the crane. You should also check and make sure it is very much functional, even to the end part of the runway.

Crane Operator And Employees Should Be Aware

Since you are going to use the overhead crane, so always make sure that every employee in your workplace knows about its functioning. Do remember that overhead cranes move a load over everyone's head, so, therefore, make sure that everyone knows about this. So, unless you really don't look up, you'll not see its functioning, so make sure to keep everyone alert.
Some Overhead Safety Tips To Follow While Using It
  • Make sure to not get distracted by anything while you’re using it.
  • Make sure that you don’t swing the load.
  • Keep in mind to not move your load, when there are co-workers working in the same area.
  • It is not at all recommended to move a load, over anyone's head.
Always Make Sure That You Remember The Limits Of Your Overhead Crane

Every overhead crane manufacturer has its own weight handling limits. So, make sure that you don’t cross that handling limit. The handling limit is there for a safety purpose.

It Is Very Much Advised To Test The Equipment For Lifting

It is always very much important to check your pieces of equipment. So, by testing, you can safely lift your equipment, and then see how well the crane performance.  Always make sure to check your overhead crane for overall safety.

What You should Look Into Before Purchasing Gaming Peripherals?

Friday, August 17, 2018

Whenever You are Purchasing anything for your own use then you must be curious to know whether the thing you are purchasing is perfect in terms of quality and in terms of your need. Well, In Today Article, We are going to Tell you what you should look into before purchasing any gaming Peripherals such as Mouse, Laptop or Headsets. Looks Interesting? Always! These Tips not only help you to choose the best but will help you to save a lot of money and also you will get some awesome features in the Under Budget Frame.

Factors You Should Consider Before Purchasing any Gaming Peripherals

Factors You Should Consider Before Purchasing any Gaming Peripherals. Yes, we have added Some of The factors You need to Know Before Purchasing your favorite gaming peripheral Such as Gaming Mouse, Laptop, Keyboard, and Headset. So Let's come to the main part now.

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying Your Gaming laptop:

  • First You should avoid Touchscreen Laptops or Desktop as It might Create problems in Future in terms of Their hardware.
  • Always Look for Updated High-end Processor. 
  • 17-18 Inches Screen will be a Perfect fit In Terms of Laptop. 
  • Always Choose Best Graphics Card Such as Nvidia and AMD. 
  • Always OPT For SSD (Solid State Drive) Storage of HDD. Avoid Low-Resolution Display.
So These are the factors You should consider before buying Gaming Laptop or Desktop.

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying Your Gaming Keyboard:

  • Pricing, always Choose under Budget. 
  • Always Go for Brand. Always opt for the Mechanical keyboard. 
  • Prefer RGB Lighting. Make Sure the Keyboard You choose is Having Advanced gaming Buttons.
So These are the factors You should consider before buying Gaming Keyboard.

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying Your Gaming Mouse:

  • Make Sure the mouse you are choosing having advanced game Buttons. 
  • Must be comfortable. Always go with the brand.
  • Must choose Which is having 16000+ DPI (Dots Per Inch)
  • RGB can be another Good Thing You should Look for. 
  • Mouse Sensitivity. 
  • Battery backup is another thing you should look into. 
  • Mouse Grip: There are Three types of Grips Choose according to your own need.

So These are the factors You should consider before buying Gaming Keyboard. You should consider The Reviews of gaming mouse before buying a one.

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying Your Gaming Headset:

  • Always Look for soft comfortable earcups. 
  • Must be 3D Sound Play. Must be able to control the reactive Mic.
  • Always opt for wireless. 
  • Always be Comfy with a Suspension Headband Always opt for the some Crazy Brands. 
  • Always look for all Purpose Gaming Headset which you even use it anywhere. 
  • Battery backup is another thing you should look into.

So, These are the factors you must consider while buying the Gaming Headset. Although, Gaming headphones are Priced higher than normal ones It's worth for every penny you are going to spend on it.


So, These are the Factors You should consider While buying any gaming Prephericals. If You are having any issue While reading this article or Buying your favorite Product then leave a comment below. We will be happy to respond to your query.

How to take a Screenshot on an Android Smartphone?

Monday, May 21, 2018

Screenshots come handy when you want to share something like a two-sided conversation with your crush to your friend or like sharing an image from Instagram. They also help to freeze the moment of the screen to have it forever.

The way to capture screenshot differs with few brands while some add additional ways to take a screenshot instead of changing the usual way. First, we will see the usual way and we will see brand differences one by one. 

Stock android, AOSP ROM, Android One and few other brands

This method is the most familiar and common method originally seen in Google’s Android. Many brands choose to add additional ways than the default way of taking a screenshot as seen in Xiaomi, Asus, Lenovo, OnePlus and so on.

The procedure is to press and hold the ‘volume down’ and ‘power’ keys simultaneously for roughly 2 to 3 seconds until you see the screenshot clicking animation that slightly differs with various brands. 
That is all, the screenshot is taken and to access it you can simply pull down the notification shade and open it straight away or head to the gallery and choose the folder ‘Screenshots’ in which you can find all the screenshots arranged chronologically.
Do note, this method of the screenshot is only applicable on Android version 4 or above. Before which the option of capturing the screen was considered insecure or not enough API was available to have such a feature. 

Samsung way of capturing a screenshot

Samsung is one renowned company that has chosen to change the way screenshot is captured in order to create a unique experience for their brand alone. Samsung smartphone requires ‘Power Key’ and ‘Home Key’ to be pressed to together to capture a screenshot.

Samsung could make the difference since they are one of the very uncommon brands to have a physical home button in the Android world. But that too has changed with the latest infinity edge display that we saw first on the Samsung Galaxy S8. 

The latest Samsung smartphones with infinity display have adopted the Android’s default way of capturing the screen.

Now let us see some brand-specific ways of taking a screenshot that is deployed in addition to the default procedure.

Xiaomi offers a three finger swipe from the top towards the bottom to take a screenshot which is very handy even when a physical button fails. This feature can be enabled or disabled from the settings.

Huawei has a funny way, knock on the phone’s screen with your knuckle twice and the phone screenshots the content. We neither feel that is easier than the default way, anyway it is up to you to use any of the methods.

Apart from these, there are some common ways to take a screenshot with few selected brands alone. Asus, Xiaomi, Lenovo have an optional toggle that can be added to the quicksetting menu to trigger a screenshot. Some brands offer screenshot option on the switch off menu that pops-up with the long press of the power button. 

Rooting in case you are helpless

If your volume rocker or Power button fails and your UI does not support any other native ways to take a screenshot or simply your phone runs on Android OS older than 4.0 then you are not out of luck, you can still make it. But you need to attain root access in order to achieve it.
Rooting is not geek’s thing, there are a ton of tutorials that can guide you to root your phone. Simply root the phone and install apps that enable screenshot and screen recording and make the fullest use of your phone. Some notable mentions of screenshot apps that can be used after rooting – Screenshot Easy, Super Screenshot. 

Non-Rooted devices

If you feel insecure to root your phone or afraid of handling it, we still have got you covered. Connect your android smartphone to a PC and install an Android SDK to do the task. Though it is a bit complicated it is more secure and reliable than rooting the phone. Also, this works with devices running on previous versions of Android 4. 

I hope this will be helpful to capture your screen itself whatever be the condition. You probably won’t need the last few options since it is 2018 and I have not seen a person carrying a device on Android 4.0. It will be useful if you are stuck with a semi-working device with a worn out volume button or power button. 

What Does the Future of Edge to Edge Smartphones Look Like?

Over the course of entire smartphone history the companies making them have operated on the motto of “Bigger is Better.” Especially when it comes to displays, smartphone makers have chosen to go as big as possible over the course of years. When 5-inch smartphones came for the first time they were criticized by many for being too big, but fast forward to this day and we’ve smartphones with displays of 6.3-inches even. 5-inch has become the baseline in today’s world. The size of smartphone display has increased consistently ever since its birth.

However, the limits have been reached now. In the tryst of bigger displays the phones have also got bigger, and as a result if display size has to be increased there must be some innovative way to do that. Fortunately, companies have found that way, and it’s called Edge-to-Edge aka Bezel-Less display. Smartphones in 2018 with little-to-no bezels are the future, and here we’re trying to imagine what that future looks like. Let’s begin:

#1. More Edge-to-Edge

Earlier this year LG became the first major manufacturer to launch a flagship smartphone with very narrow bezels (LG G6). Then about one month later the game was taken to next level by Samsung, which came out with its Samsung Galaxy S8 flaunting Infinity Display. And now in a matter of few days Apple is bringing iPhone 8, and based on the leaks so far it’s looking to be even more bezel-less than Galaxy S8. 

On the same day Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is also going to launch its Mi Mix 2 smartphone in China, which is expected to have the highest screen-to-body ratio of any smartphone launched till date (up to 93%).

So in a nutshell, we’ve entered the era of bezel-less smartphones and things are only going to be interesting from here. As more and more companies start adopting this trend in their smartphones, more research will happen, and therefore in 2018 we’re likely to have some truly bezel-less smartphones.

#2. More Affordable (and mainstream)

Recently a smartphone with very narrow bezels and edge-to-edge display was also launched by Indian smartphone brand Micromax. The device called Micromax Canvas Infinity is special in its own way because it has made the Infinity display affordable. At a price of 10,000 INR or roughly $170 it’s the most affordable smartphone with edge-to-edge display in the world. As edge-to-edge displays get more popular we can expect them to come with more affordable smartphones as well.

#3. More Durable

While bezel-less smartphones are all cool and classy, they’re also among the lot of most fragile devices. Durability is an important point of concern for bezel-less smartphones as of now, and efforts are ‘On’ to reduce that concern as much as possible. For example, when Samsung launched its Galaxy S8 it chose to use Corning Gorilla Glass 5 for the display to make the smartphone more durable than it would otherwise be. As the trend of edge-to-edge smartphones picks pace, we can also expect them to get more durable with time.


So that’s what the future of bezel-less smartphones looks like. We can hope them to get more affordable, durable and at the same time more edge-to-edge. The trend is here to stay for a long period, until some other cool design change comes to smartphones to take it away. So we’re in the era of bezel-less smartphones for 2 years at least.