Keeping Your Business Safe and Secure

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Business Security
Keep Your Business Safe and Secure
Whether you run a mid-sized business or a large corporation, you need some type of security system installed to protect it. What can your company gain from installing a commercial alarm system to keep the business and employees protected from break-ins and fire?

First, one of the major benefits you get from installing a commercial security system is protection for the company and employees. You are protecting valuable assets, both material and human, by having an alarm system on in different areas of the business in the daytime as well as after the business closes.

The peace of mind you gain by having a good security system installed is invaluable and endless. Security systems with wireless detection, camera surveillance and monitoring that will stay connected to the alarm company ensure your business is as safe as possible.

Most companies put an advertising sign in place once a security system is installed in their home or business. Just using the signs and stickers alone is a great deterrent to possible intruders to your company. Even though the sticker does nothing, the simple advertisement that it might not be so easy to accomplish breaking into your business is often a put off for someone hoping for an easy score.

Insurance companies are known to give a significant discount to a business or home on their insurance premium after they have a security system installed. Statistics have shown that a security system with a video and alarm system is one of the main reasons a potential burglar will bypass the business or home and enter another one.

Surveillance cameras, fire detection devices, video tapes and electronic intrusion detection are all major parts of a good security system you might elect to have for your home or business. Each of these adds a different type of protection for your business. Carefully consider what your specific needs are and what each has to offer. When you order and install a new security system, like the ones you can find at QCC USA and other alarm companies, you want to ensure that you have the highest level of protection possible that gives you and your employee’s peace of mind during the day while working and at night if the business is closed.

When it comes to protecting your assets, it’s always better to be safe versus sorry. Protect yourself and your business with an alarm system today.

Best Free Antivirus Software For Windows

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Best Free Antivirus For Windows
Best Free Antivirus For Windows
Security is one of the main concerns of today’s web and technology. With the increase of use of gadgets and computers, people are becoming more vulnerable to security attacks. As now we do most of our financial work on computers and regularly use credit cards and debit cards so making sure that your computer is safe from hackers is one of the very important things.
Windows computers are obviously most used computers as Windows being the most popular Operating System in the world. And therefore, the Windows users are mostly vulnerable to viruses and Trojans. I am not saying that other computer operating systems are totally safe, but due to more number of users, the Windows is the mostly targeted OS.
To make your computer secure from security attacks and leak of your personal data and for other privacy safety reasons, you have option to use software programs, known as Antiviruses. There are many antivirus programs available in the software market by many vendors. Most of them are paid while some of them are also available for free. Although, I have already written a guide on How to Choose Best Antivirus Program for your computer, but I felt a need to publish an article just on free antiviruses. Because I know that most of my friends do not want to spend money on software, so here I am giving you a list of some free anti-virus software with their download links. I have collected this list by researching on web, exploring other lists, such as and PC Mag. All you need to do is to pick your favorite from the list and download and install on your computer. And I also suggest you to read the Antivirus Selection Guide, if in case you wanted to get more information about Security and Antiviruses.
So, here goes the list of free best Antivirus Software Programs:

Best Free Antivirus Programs For Windows OS:

Bitdefender Free Antivirus: When is comes to analysis or research, Bitdefender is always seems to be the top best player of Antivirus Software competition. Now, it is not so sure that if they submit the results of the free version or the paid one. But the results clearly showed by Antivirus Test Labs that Bitdefender is the best Antivirus software. And the main thing is that they also offer a free version. Following are the main features of Bidefender Free Antivirus Program:
1. Real Time Shield
2. Active Virus Control
3. Intrusion Detection System: It is a feature that detects the behavior of each software and application and blocks the software which behaves in a suspect manner.
4. B-Have: It detects the working of applications and software in safe environment and if it detects that application is working in some abnormal manner then it will delete or quarantine the app.
5. HTTP Scanning: Check your browser for attacks and phishing pages.
6. Anti-rootkit: A Hacker can control your PC via a rootkit. Bitdefender blocks the rootkits or any of likewise software.
7. Low Memory: Bitdefender is a light weight antivirus program which ensures your computer’s safety without taking lots of memory and CPU usage.
Download Bitdefender Free Antivirus
AVG Free Antivirus: AVG and Avira Antivirus are the winner in the test results of PC Magazine 2014. The good thing about AVG is its multi-support for almost all kind of devices. Whether you are using an Android phone, Windows PC or Apple Mac, AVG has the free Antivirus solution for your every device. The one other great feature of AVG Antivirus is now it comes with Privacy Fix. PrivacyFix is a very good feature that I really liked. With this, a user can have all control over his privacy. How Facebook, Google and other social networks are collecting data about you? How can you stop it? And all of that is just one click ahead. As AVG’s website says that there are over 1200 trackers that big companies have implemented over you. You can secure your online privacy with just one click ‘Fix’ and that is all. You’re done.
Following are the other features of AVG Free Antivirus Edition:
Antivirus Protection: Protection against Malware, Spyware and Viruses.
Link Protection: Scans your browser for attacks, phishing pages and even scans every link.
File Shredder: Securely removes files to prevent snooping.
Download AVG Free Antivirus
Avast Free Antivirus: Avast free antivirus is one of the most used Antivirus software. There is no doubt about its popularity and trust. The company has been serving its users from 25 years. Although, I also used Avast Internet Security on my Windows computer and I still use avast on my desktop computer. But when we technically compare the free version of Avast with its competitors, there are not much features to favor avast. Although, it also comes with great features such as Silent firewall, safe zone for banking and automatic software updater etc. but all those features are in premium versions only and not in the free one. The main features those are included in the free version of the Avast Antivirus Software are:
Intelligent Antivirus with new DynaGen technology and
Protection against malware, Antivirus and rootkits.
Download Avast Free Antivirus
Avira Free Antivirus: Avira is a multi-platform, light weight and reliable Antivirus Software from Avira Operations. And as I already told you that Avira is one of the Best Antivirus winners on PC Magazine alongside AVG. For a regular computer and internet user, Avira is the best Antivirus software in the market. Alongside the basic real time protection, it also offer anti-ad and antispyware protection. Avira comes with a free browser toolbar which scans the webpages and browser’s functionality for inappropriate behavior and also shows the safety meter for specific websites.
Avira Free Antivirus
Microsoft Security Essentials: As you may already know, Microsoft Security Essentials which is commonly abbreviated as MSE is an Antivirus product by Microsoft. This Antivirus software is totally free for Windows users. Microsoft offers free automatic updates for MSE alongside some other features such as Real time protection, malware protection etc.
I have tried this tool and the good thing about Microsoft Security Essentials is it is light weight and not too much messy. It is just a simple Antivirus program with a very simple to use User Interface and it will be the Best Antivirus Program for you if other guys didn’t work well for you. There are some cases when Antivirus Programs start messing up with the Windows files and sometimes they delete them and eventually corrupt the Windows OS. In such cases, MSE is your best bet.
Download Microsoft Security Essentials

iPad Air Price and Technical Specifications

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Apple iPad Air
Apple launched iPad Air on Oct. 22, 2013, in San Francisco. iPad Air is a pretty light tech device which is capable of doing great stuff for you.This is an advanced technology device with a lot of improvements from its predecessors. It weighs just one pound.Its 7.5 millimeters thin with Retina Display. It comes in two colors, Space Gray and Silver and is available in two variants: one is WiFi only while the other is WiFi plus Cellular.
Apple iPad Air comes with 64 bit architecture and desktop class architecture. The new iPad includes 2 antennas and is 2 times faster than previous iPads. The other great thing about new iPad is the redesigned Smart Cover and Smart Case with a lot of color options.
Following are the Technical Specifications of iPad Air.
Technical Specs of iPad Air:
iPad Air WiFi Only:
Apple iPad Air WiFi Only
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Internal Memory: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB
Processor: 1.4 GHz A7 Chip With 64 bit architecture
Display: 9.7 Inch, Retina Display, Resolution: 2048 X 1536
Camera: Front: 1.2 MP, 720p Video Recording, Face Detection
              Back: 5MP, Auto Focus, Five Element Lens, HDR Photos
Location: WiFi, Digital Compass
Wireless and Carrier: Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n); dual channel (2.4GHz and 5GHz) and MIMO
Bluetooth 4.0 technology
Battery: 32.4 Watt, 10 Hours Battery Backup

Technical Specifications Of iPad Air WiFi + Cellular
Apple iPad Air WiFi + Cellular
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Internal Memory: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB
Processor: 1.4 GHz A7 Chip With 64 bit architecture
Display: 9.7 Inch, Retina Display, Resolution: 2048 X 1536
Camera: Front: 1.2 MP, 720p Video Recording, Face Detection
              Back: 5MP, Auto Focus, Five Element Lens, HDR Photos
Wireless and Carrier: Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n); dual channel (2.4GHz and 5GHz) and MIMO
Bluetooth 4.0 technology
UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (850, 900, 1700/2100, 1900, 2100 MHz); GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
CDMA EV-DO Rev. A and Rev. B (800, 1900 MHz)
LTE (Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26)3
Data only
Battery: 32.4 Watt, 10 Hours Battery Backup
Location: Wi‑Fi, Digital compass, Assisted GPS, Cellular
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Price Of Apple iPad Air:
WiFi Model:
16GB: $499
32GB: $599
64GB: $699
128GB: $799

WiFi + Cellular Model:
16GB: $629
32GB: $729
64GB: $829
128GB: $929

Hostgator Coupon Codes

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HostGator is the best web hosting brand to start with. Yes! I am suggesting the readers who are new in the blogging career or have the new entry into the online marketing, he/she should use the HostGator brand as his/her first hosting brand.

And when there are HostGator coupons, then what is the need of the money-related-worries. HostGator is the only hosting that provides such a cheap hosting for their wonderful service and that too with 45 days money back guarantee.
Hostgator Coupon Codes
Hostgator Coupon Codes
HostGator provides the HostGator discounts on their plans by offering hostgator Coupon.You can use those HostGator coupons to redeem great discount. In this post, I have just told you about the HostGator coupon and coupon codes/promo codes for various plans offered by HostGator.


Working hostgator coupon is given above, in this way you can save 25% discount on any plan.

So, firstly I should tell you about the features of HostgatoR which you get after using the hostgator Coupon. To start with, let me ask you what you want hosting for your domain? Your answer will be unlimited bandwidth, a simple to use cPanel, easy site builder, free templates for your website and more such things.

Well HostGator provides all these features free with there every hosting plan. If you are an entrepreneur, then you should use the HostGator reseller plans to sell the HostGator plans to further online marketers by putting up your own hostGator coupons and thus you can make a huge money from there. And nowdays, HOstgator is also offering great discounts on the hostgator black friday sale.

Frankly speaking this post is an application of Reseller plan. But this does not mean that I am compelling you that HostGator is good so that I get benefits. HostGator actually is the best. And it is always your choice to select the hosting. So, you can use the HostGator coupon code shared in this post to get a good discount on your plan.

Plans offered by HostGator

Hatchling Plan

Hatching Plan is the bottom-of-the-line of HostGator shared plans. You can redeem the above shared HostGator coupon to get huge discount on Hatchling Plan. But remember hatching plan is for only one domain and the server is shared. But on the positive side you have 99.9% uptime and 24x7 customer support at just 1 cent for a month (at start). So, isn’t it beneficial to go with the HostGator coupon codes to buy service for your domains? If you want to host multiple domains, then the below plans can be used, but remember that use hostgatoR coupon codes on every plan to get maximum discounts.

Baby Plan

Baby Plan is recommended to every newbie in the online marketing sector as it is affordable with multiple domains (unlimited) hosting features. Baby Plan starts from $6.36. But you can get 25% discount by using the hostgator coupon 2013. Moreover, with the increased time duration of plan, you can save huge money.

Business Plan

Business Plan is for the stable online marketers who are making good money online. HostGator provides Business plans starting from $10.36. However, the HostGator coupon promos also apply for these plans too. You also get a free toll number and free private SSL and IP with this plan.

If you want to buy your own servers then you can go for the dedicated servers of HostGator which will cost you more. The actual price of the Linux dedicated servers start from $174/month. However, using the Hostgator coupon Code, you can buy the server for $139. Similarly, suing the hostgator cOupon code, you can get Windows dedicated server for $175 (which is of $219 originally).

So, if now you have made up your mind to purchase HostGator service (any plan or dedicated server), then you should sign upon HostGator with the given HostGator coupoN code. So, go to official website of HostGator and then then use the HostGator Coupon Code in the option of Coupon Code.

So, was this post helpful to you? Share your views and comments below.

How to Add Support For Indian or Local Languages in Opera Mini

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Opera Mini Indian Language Support
If you ever used Facebook on your mobile phone via Opera Mini then you may noticed one thing that status or messages written in local or Indic Languages are not able to read. They are displayed as boxs in the web page. Do you want to get rid of this? Do you want to able to read your local language like Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil etc on your mobile's Opera Mini browser. If Yes then you can do this by doing a very simple trick or we can say by changing some settings in your Opera Mini browser.
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              Following is a step by step guide for displaying local language fonts in opera mini web browser. To do this, pick up your phone and follow the steps given below:

How to Display Local Fonts in Opera Mini:

  • First of all, open Opera Mini Browser.
  • Now in address bar, type the following:
and press goto.
  • Now Scroll Down to End and choose 'Yes' where it says 'Use Bitmap Fonts For Complex Scripts'
  • That's All. Now browse any page in Indian Language and you will be able to read Hindi, Punjabi and other Indian languages without any problem.

Reliance Internet Plans New Delhi

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Reliance Internet Packs
Reliance Internet Packs For New Delhi
Are you searching for Reliance Internet Plans and GPRS Packs in New Delhi? Here you can find all detailed information about the Internet Plans and GPRS packs of Reliance India. New Delhi users have various offers for internet services. Following are the full details for Data Plans of Reliance Prepaid and Postpaid.
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Reliance Internet Packs For New Delhi Users

Internet Packs For Reliance Prepaid
AmountValidityData Usage
Rs 143 Days175 MB
Rs 277 Days250 MB
Rs 5114 Days500 MB
Rs 5730 Days50 MB + Rs 47 TT
Rs 7630 Days75 MB + 66 TT
Rs 9921 Days1 GB
Rs 11630 Days125 MB + Rs 100 TT
Rs 12730 Days1 GB
Rs 17830 Days20 GB
Rs 21960 Days2 GB
Internet Packs For Reliance Postpaid: Following are the postpaid plans for Reliance GSM Postpaid users. Although, the charges given here are not only for internet usage. These plans also includes some other offers such as Local/National/STD Calls and SMS packs etc.
AmountValidityData Usage
Rs 129930 Days5 GB 2G
Rs 149930 DaysUnlimited 2G + 5GB 3G
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Reliance Internet Plans in Chennai (Prepaid & Postpaid Plans)

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Reliance Internet Packs

Reliance is one of the top mobile network carriers of India. Reliance offers various internet packs for its Postpaid and Prepaid users. Following are the internet plans for prepaid and postpaid users of Chennai. Reliance offers internet packs for both GSM and CDMA users as well as prepaid and postpaid.
But in this article you can only find data plans of reliance for chennai users using GSM Prepaid and Postpaid. To check CDMA prepaid and postpaid internet plans you can view related article here.
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Following are the Reliance Data Plans For Chennai Users

Internet GPRS Plans For Prepaid Users: Reliance Internet Packs and Plans for prepaid users of chennai are given below:
AmountValidityData Usage
Rs 143 Days175 MB
Rs 277 Days250 MB
Rs 5114 Days500 MB
Rs 5730 Days50 MB + Rs 47 TT
Rs 7630 Days75 MB + 66 TT
Rs 9921 Days1 GB
Rs 11630 Days125 MB + Rs 100 TT
Rs 12730 Days1 GB
Rs 17830 Days20 GB
Rs 21960 Days2 GB

Internet GPRS Plans For Postpaid Users: For those, who use postpaid reliance SIMs, can use internet on their mobile phones via Reliance special postpaid plans.
Reliance offers All Share plan for postpaid customers in which the customer will get 3 GB of free 3G data.
There is one another plan for GSM Postpaid users of chennai. Reliance offers postpaid plan in which user also get to access internet and download and surf data. Although, this plan is limited. Full details about this plan are given below.
AmountValidityData Usage
Rs 129930 Days5 GB 2G
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