In Order To Hire Android App Developers These Five Places You Should Look Into

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

If you’re in the market to hire an Android app developer, then it can be easily thought upon that you would want a developer that has all the qualifications you want him or her to have, and also the experience to back up all his or her claims of Android expertise. Therefore, in order to achieve this, you really need to go to the right source as well. You can read below how to hire app developer if you want more details.

 In the first glace, you might think that the world is full of Android developers. You can visit any freelancing site, and you will see various Android developers boasting their skills, and the price for per hour they put up is $5. But, it should be kept in mind that, not all Android developers are the same. And even false promises from developers that are inexperienced, can really hinder your ambition of making a top Android application. Therefore, following are some of the most important places, that you can use to find the perfect Android developer for your needs.


If you want the worldwide network talent, of the topmost 3 percent of software developers and engineers, then Toptal is for you. Since the ones who are listed on Toptal is already vetted with his or her skills and experience, you already know that you’re working with the best. If you want, Toptal can also handpick developers for you, according to your project specific needs. This will not only ensure that you will find the best developers, but also the developer that is most suited for your project.


Guru is an online freelancing website, that will help you hire Android developers. The most interesting feature of Guru is its Work Room tool. With the help of Work Room, you can easily negotiate projects, discuss features, etcetera. You can find developers on pretty much any budget you want. But do keep in mind that not to sacrifice cost for quality.

Android Development Communities 

There are about 99 Google Developer Communities all around the world. And within one, you will likely find your Android developer, who will have the skills and experience. You can tap into these communities and find the one who is passionate for his or her work. You really don’t have to spend time and energy to find your best developer. You can easily do that online via Google+.


Upwork is another freelancing website to help you find the developer of your choice. But one thing that should be kept in mind that, Upwork is all about quantity, not quality. You have to be extremely careful when choosing one developer. You can be easily scammed with promises that look good on the eyes and ears, like complete apps that finished within a week or even $12 per hour pay rate.

Android Conferences And Hackathons 

Developer communities, hackathons, conferences, are a nice way to find good Android developers. These developers devote a chunk of their free time into improving or challenging themselves. You can use hackathons boards or sign up for emails to get special alerts.

You will find conferences that are specifically tailored to the Android development in your area. Droidcon in San Francisco is an example of such developer conference in the San Francisco area. You can also talk with speakers or organizers for references as well.

With the help of the above places of interest, you can easily hire the Android developer that will suit you the most. You should always equip yourself with the best resources available, and that’s what these above suggestions will help you to do.

Ways Via Which Artificial Intelligence Is Helping The Web Hosting Industry To Improve

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

 In the digital and technology field, Artificial Intelligence is making an entry. Even though technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) hasn’t been adopted that much, Artificial Intelligence is getting widely adopted everywhere.

This is due to its various uses and applications. Artificial Intelligence is being applied to various sectors nowadays. This includes Human Resource, security and even in various web applications too. Top Hosting Services are now using AI in order to get their clients from most platforms. Let’s see the ways via which AI is improving the web hosting industry.

Helping In Providing Improved Security 

Due to the increase in the levels of cyber attacks, and various other forms of insecurities, various business owners are now trying to be more attentive towards the security of their customers and website data too. The hackers or cybercriminals are using more advanced ways and malware in order to gain access to the network of the victim. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly hard for businesses to keep track of such things, and also protect against attacks as well.

The most interesting thing about Artificial Intelligence is its ability to very much identify various encrypted patterns, and also threats, as they start to develop. It also helps to alert someone before its too late. Therefore, when a certain business uses the power of prediction of analytics and machine learning, then it will be much easier to get the alert when their domain is in trouble.

The Systems Are Self Updating And Repairing 

The various digital platforms, be it a social media account or just a website - routine maintenance is very much necessary in order to detect any kind of potential issues, and also see if they are functioning properly or not. But it should be kept in mind that, routine maintenance is very costly. Also, they require the attention of the professionals. Thus, most companies are using AI into their web hosting services, so that the system can carry out its own repairs.

Even though AI can never match human intelligence, the system will still be capable to do their work more effectively. It identifies potential issues, perform repairs and also do updates by itself too. In this way, it can help the web and IT teams free themselves so that they can mostly focus on optimizing the system. AI also helps to know humans of any issue, that has been failed to take care of as well.

Performance Of The Domain Names Will Be Improved 

AI has an inbuilt way of identifying various patterns and also helps in recognizing various signs as well, which occur within coded or data environments. This is indeed a great way for companies who are using it, to monitor the longevity and traction of their URL over a long period of time. One can also introduce data mining into this system too, and thus get a large data pool, in order to help them for a domain selection.

Diligence Where It Is Due

In the online world, there is a whole lot of programs and software, that will help you to track if a domain name has already been taken. Still, there can be mistakes, which can happen related to credit and registration. Therefore, with the help of AI, one can easily track domain names. Also, by receiving continuous data from its peers, the companies can always stay on the top, with all the required data, which includes domain branding and registration issues. 

Process Of Installing VPN on Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick

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Media Streaming Devices like the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick has become very much popular over the years. Both of these options are great options for watching Full HD or 4K content. The Fire TV supports up to 4K streaming options, while the Fire TV Stick up to 1080P. Unless you’re in the USA, most of the content will be blocked from being accessed. And this is where, a VPN comes into play.

With the help of a VPN or Virtual Private Network, one can easily mask his or her IP address to make it seem like an US IP address. VPN also gives you better security by encrypting your data and prevent from snooping. There are various VPN services to choose from for Fire Stick Tricks, but before you make the right decision, you should first choose the right tool for streaming as well. This includes the Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick, and knowing the differences between them.

Fire TV Or The Fire TV Stick

 Even though both were released in 2014, the Fire TV is a lot more powerful than the Fire TV Stick. The Fire TV supports up to 4K media streaming, while the Fire TV Stick up to 1080P or Full HD. The Fire TV Stick is like the “lite” version of the the Fire TV. So, if you have a 4K HDR TV, then it makes more sense to go with the Fire TV. Otherwise you can go for Fire TV Stick.

Choosing The Right VPN Service

 There are various VPN services you can choose from, like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, VyprVPN, etcetera. Firstly, you should look at the overall features of the various VPN services, and then the overall pricing structure as well. This includes support for your device, having a kill switch and also having a “no log” policy too.

Installing VPN On Fire TV And Fire TV Stick 

Method 1: Installing A VPN From Fire TV App Store
  • Firstly, you have search for the VPN on your Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. If you find the same, then you’re good to go, otherwise you have to skip to the next method.
  • After finding VPN you searched for, you have to proceed to download and install it.
  • After that, launch your VPN app, and then sign in.
  • After that, you have to select a location in the US and proceed.
  • When a VPN connection request comes up, you have to click on OK. 
Method 2: Installing VPN With Direct Download
  • You have to search for an app called “Downloader” on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.
  • After downloading and installing the Downloader app, you have to manually search for your VPN app via this app.
  • After you’ve found a direct download link, you have to download the APK file. After downloading, you’ll be prompted to install. If not, you can find inside the downloads section of the Downloader app. But, the APK since downloaded via this app, will not show in the Apps menu. You have to find it in the Settings.
  • After going to Settings > Applications, you have to find the Installed Applications, and then from there, launch your VPN app.
  • Then just sign into your VPN app, select an US location and finally connect to the VPN network. 

Bonus Method: Installing VPN On Router

In case your VPN service don’t have a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick app, but has a router app, then you can install VPN on your router. Just make sure to connect your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick to the same router and select an US location for VPN.

Tips For Troubleshooting

  • You can always uninstall the app, by going into Settings > Applications, and then Manage Your Applications.
  • You can always restart your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick by unplugging it, and letting it stay for a few minutes.
  • In case if you experience any kind of lag, you can always connect to another US VPN.
  • If you encounter any problems with your VPN service, you can contact the Customer Support of that respective VPN. For example, ExpressVPN gives 24x7 Customer Support. 

Top Features To Look For In Business Enterprise Email Service

In a booming business, it is very much important to be able to communicate with your customers and clients in the right way possible.

The business will also depend upon the way you communicate with your employees as well. And that’s why having a good enterprise email security service provider, really helps in making all the process effortless and as smooth as possible.

Email is such an important tool in today’s world, one should not take it for granted. Just like your business’ address or phone number, it also has an email address as well. Email is like your business’ digital passport and opens the possibilities to a whole new world.

Having a good enterprise email service helps you have good security features, customer support, more cloud storage, and various other features too. The following are some of the most important features that you should definitely look into a business enterprise email service:
  • Having The Option For Custom Email Address: Having a custom email address for your company make your business look very professional. It is very important to have a custom email address that includes the name of your website or company. This will give your business a better outlook overall, and having that professionalism is very important when dealing with customers and clients. Therefore, it is very necessary to have an enterprise email hosting service that lets you customize your email address. 
    • Having Advanced Security Features: This is the most important feature that you should look into while inspecting different enterprise email services. Having enterprise email protection is very much necessary in today’s world. Not only these email services protecting you from spam, but also your business computers from viruses and malware, by scanning attachments and also filtering messages that are suspicious.
    • Providing Large Storage For Inbox: In a business organization, every email is an asset, that will help you in any way in the future. Therefore, having an enterprise email archive storage, will help you store all your emails in a better way. Old emails, with important attachments from clients and customers, will be kept safely away. The storage for inbox will differ from one email service to another. Therefore, you have to select what seems best for your usage. This will help you create a robust enterprise email system for your organization. 
  • Providing Support For Large Email Attachments: If you have an email attachment support only up to 10 or 25 MB, then it will only be enough for word files or PDF files. But, if you want something more, it’s better to opt for a secure enterprise email service provider, that will allow you to have attachments of around 10GB or 100GB. For example, Gmail users get 10GB with Google Drive. Whereas, Microsoft gives 300GB along with OneDrive. You can also read about enterprise email landscape for more in-depth on the various email service provider. 

The above features are extremely important to be present in an email service provider. These features make the whole experience get better, and also improve the business enterprise email hosting services too. You can also read about the best free email providers, to get an overall idea for the various free to use options.

How Much The Website Uptime Is Important ?

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

There are a number of metrics around hosting websites. One of them is "availability".
What this is about and how important this value is, you will learn in the following.

What is the hosting availability?

Hosting providers offer space on a server (or even entire servers), which are then available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the Internet. So at least in the ideal case.
In reality, however, it can occasionally come to temporary failures, through which your own website for short or longer time online is not available.
This is of course not good, because not only potential visitors are lost, but also in case of an accumulation of failures Google can also draw consequences in the form of lower rankings.
Therefore, it is important that the chosen hosting provider can guarantee high availability.

What is a high availability?

Is 99% a high availability value? That sounds like that for now. However, an availability of 99% for the whole year means a downtime (unavailability) of at least 3.65 days.
With 99.9% availability, there are only a maximum of 8.76 hours per year, which is the own website offline.
There can be many reasons for a downtime. This can lead to technical defects in the server, which can be absorbed by backup or cluster systems, however, in most cases. Also power failure, fire and other reasons can be responsible.
The higher the availability that a hosting provider guarantees, the more effort has to be made by the host to keep it in practice.

Selection of the hosting provider

When selecting a host, guaranteed availability should definitely be a factor.
However, the availability value that is aimed at depends greatly on the project. At a niche website, it may even be enough to have an availability of 99%.
On the other hand, anyone who offers a paid premium service that is used by users around the clock usually needs more than 99.9%.
For good hosting providers the guaranteed availability is indicated. In addition, one usually has the choice there to choose a more expensive tariff with a higher availability or add as an option.
However, not only the availability itself ensures the accessibility of your own website. If you're using a cheap hosting plan, you might not have any server outages, but the poor performance of the webspace can still make the site slow or sometimes unreachable.

Measure availability

Some hosting providers indicate the real availability in the account statistics.
To be on the safe side, you can use e.g. a tool like This tool checks regularly if a website is available and keeps statistics about it.
In this way you can check the information provided by the host.

My experiences

I used to use a cheap webspace for my blogs, but at some point I noticed more and more downtimes.
That's why I switched to Liquidweb, where I've had my own server for quite some time.

There is 99.9% availability guaranteed, which is exceeded in my experience in practice even more.
But also providers like Siteground or WPengine offer a high availability.


One should make sure that a high availability is given in order to be continuously accessible for the own website visitors.
If availability is worse than promised, consider relocating your website immediately.

6 Websites To Buy And Sell Your Car Online

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

In case if you’re on a limited budget, and thus want to buy a car, used cars will be a great option as well. There are indeed many factors to look into when buying a used car. This includes the type of the car, the mileage is driven, the kind of the previous owner it had and also the year of manufacturing too. All these factors will tell you whether the car is worth buying or not.

There can be various reason why people sell their cars, and thus if you have some basic knowledge about cars, you’ll very much end up with a good deal at the end of the day. There are many websites available in UAE, which help in providing the right kind of information and cars to the customers. Following are some of the sites that you should look into before buying a used car.


 This is a great marketplace for all kinds of vehicles, of your choice. Be it cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles or any other. It is a one-stop place for all your vehicle needs. There are about 12,000 listings on the website. You can even compare all the options that you have as well.

Auto Trader

 Auto Trader is also established as a car magazine as well. It is most read among other car enthusiasts as well. You can also browse their online platform too, which provides the options to buy and sell used and new cars in the Gulf region. They also have the most classified listings, providing a varying number of options to the user as well. If you want to get your new car or used car’s registration renewed, you can do so at was launched in 2012. They have made car selling process easier, You can sell your car in just 30 minutes. You just have to book online an appointment, bring car to get inspected & get cash instant. They are focusing on customers time and give the best market price.

Dubai Cars 

Dubai Cars is a perfect place to get all the latest updates from the world of automobiles, can compare cars and also read the tips and guides as well. There is also a forum, where you can do various types of discussions too.

Yalla Motors 

Yalla Motos is very much one of the most popular platforms for buying cars. The platform allows users to compare cars from various manufacturers, get news on new car launches including their prices, and also browse through car listings as well and directly contact the seller.


This is the best place to buy a used car if you want the car straight from a dealership. It gives an overview of all the top dealers in UAE, along with options to choose from 6500 car models. You can browse the cars based on specs, detailed car history, and also the option to contact the seller as well. The ads are updated on a regular basis and also contain high-resolution pictures.

Sites Like Youtube - Sports Video Highlights Youtube alternative

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The internet is flooded with video streaming websites. Youtube is and always has been the industry leading video content website. The variety of videos on Youtube is mind blowing and if you can’t find a video about a topic on Youtube then it probably doesn’t exist anywhere else. 

Youtube can be equated to the Walmart or the IKEA of online video content, a massive space filled with a huge variety of content. For enthusiastic sports fans access to a reliable sports video highlights source is critical. Die hard fans that miss their favorite team’s match or game, or that simply want to see the game again, rely on sports video highlights. The first place to look for sports highlights will normally be Youtube, but there are a number of other sports video highlights websites out there that gives its users a front row seat to watching their favorite team. 

Custom experiences is a huge fan favorite in the current day and age. Gone are the days of simply being one of the masses, and as a enthusiastic sports fan you deserve a custom video highlights source. There are many Roar Tube youtube alternatives available online but one of the best, if not the best, sports video highlights sources is Roar Tube. 

Roar Tube, the name says it all. Roar Tube is the one stop shop for sports fans that are looking for their fix of video highlights. Roar Tube has video highlights of all the latest NFL, rugby, soccer, cricket and NBA games from around the globe. Roar Tube isn’t only great for the variety of content that it has available, it is great for a variety of different other reasons as well. 

Roar Tube gives sports fans access to sport video highlights from around the world, this is very important for global sports fans that support teams that play in different time zones. Keeping up with NFL games in the USA, soccer games in Europe and rugby and cricket in Australia can be a very daunting task, but with Roar Tube you will be able to stay up to date with all of the action from your favorite teams. 

Roar Tube is more than just a sports video highlights source, it is a community where like minded sports fans can interact and engage on topics related to their favorite teams. This is very appealing for fans, having a community where they can share the hardships and victories of their teams with fellow enthusiastic fans provides them with a sense of comradery that is comparable to watching a game live from the stands. Fans that have family and friends that support different teams will enjoy this in particular, being able to blow off steam or celebrate with your fellow fans is a lot better than arguing with a family member about bad decisions made by officials. 

In addition to creating a community Roar Tube is also very user friendly. Going to the stadium and watching your team play live is a fun experience, watching the video  highlights of your favorite team’s game should be an equally fun experience. Roar Tube’s website is easy to negotiate, it has a user friendly easy to use design, and finding the highlights of your favorite teams game is a walk in the ballpark. 

Roar Tube focuses solely on providing the sports enthusiast with high quality video highlights of the game or games that they missed or want to see again. Alternative sports highlights websites, Youtube included, are guilty of bombarding their fans with pop up ads. As a true sports enthusiast your focus is on watching your team and ads can be a lousy distraction. Roar Tube gives the fans what they want, ad free highlights of the game.

It is easy to understand why fans will want to go to Youtube in order to find video highlights of a recent game that they either missed or that they simply want to watch again, but there are other alternative sports video highlight sources that are well worth the visit instead. Roar Tube will change the way that you watch sports video highlights for the better, it gives fans a place of belonging where they can stay up to date with all of their favorite teams from around the globe.