What Does the Future of Edge to Edge Smartphones Look Like?

Over the course of entire smartphone history the companies making them have operated on the motto of “Bigger is Better.” Especially when it comes to displays, smartphone makers have chosen to go as big as possible over the course of years. When 5-inch smartphones came for the first time they were criticized by many for being too big, but fast forward to this day and we’ve smartphones with displays of 6.3-inches even. 5-inch has become the baseline in today’s world. The size of smartphone display has increased consistently ever since its birth.

However, the limits have been reached now. In the tryst of bigger displays the phones have also got bigger, and as a result if display size has to be increased there must be some innovative way to do that. Fortunately, companies have found that way, and it’s called Edge-to-Edge aka Bezel-Less display. Smartphones in 2018 with little-to-no bezels are the future, and here we’re trying to imagine what that future looks like. Let’s begin:

#1. More Edge-to-Edge

Earlier this year LG became the first major manufacturer to launch a flagship smartphone with very narrow bezels (LG G6). Then about one month later the game was taken to next level by Samsung, which came out with its Samsung Galaxy S8 flaunting Infinity Display. And now in a matter of few days Apple is bringing iPhone 8, and based on the leaks so far it’s looking to be even more bezel-less than Galaxy S8. 

On the same day Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is also going to launch its Mi Mix 2 smartphone in China, which is expected to have the highest screen-to-body ratio of any smartphone launched till date (up to 93%).

So in a nutshell, we’ve entered the era of bezel-less smartphones and things are only going to be interesting from here. As more and more companies start adopting this trend in their smartphones, more research will happen, and therefore in 2018 we’re likely to have some truly bezel-less smartphones.

#2. More Affordable (and mainstream)

Recently a smartphone with very narrow bezels and edge-to-edge display was also launched by Indian smartphone brand Micromax. The device called Micromax Canvas Infinity is special in its own way because it has made the Infinity display affordable. At a price of 10,000 INR or roughly $170 it’s the most affordable smartphone with edge-to-edge display in the world. As edge-to-edge displays get more popular we can expect them to come with more affordable smartphones as well.

#3. More Durable

While bezel-less smartphones are all cool and classy, they’re also among the lot of most fragile devices. Durability is an important point of concern for bezel-less smartphones as of now, and efforts are ‘On’ to reduce that concern as much as possible. For example, when Samsung launched its Galaxy S8 it chose to use Corning Gorilla Glass 5 for the display to make the smartphone more durable than it would otherwise be. As the trend of edge-to-edge smartphones picks pace, we can also expect them to get more durable with time.


So that’s what the future of bezel-less smartphones looks like. We can hope them to get more affordable, durable and at the same time more edge-to-edge. The trend is here to stay for a long period, until some other cool design change comes to smartphones to take it away. So we’re in the era of bezel-less smartphones for 2 years at least.

Relationship Between Games and Studies

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This infographic is about why games are very important for education in general and for the creativity of children in particular. The reason behind this assumption is that children grow up in an environment where a complex sense of learning using technology is ingrained in their minds. Thus, it is very difficult for children to learn so much in school from the traditional textbooks. However, if this same educational material is given in the form of games, the learning capacity, as well as desire of children to learn, will increase to maximum. The familiarity of games with the children leads many people to argue that games are the friendliest sources for the child learning.
It is not a myth that games are very helpful in learning as most people consider it. “As parents are always worried about the future of their children and as games are always associated with fun activities, therefore, when we speak of games in a traditional sense, games and studies seem two opposite extremes, and this is probably the reason why most people keep their children away from games,” says Kyle Ward who works at Game Period. However, it is now proved scientifically that games do help children in educational pursuits, and one such example is the research conducted by Paul Howard Jones. Paul argues that the most important thing that games do is that they produce dopamine in the brains of the children. Dopamine is a chemical that is associated with creativity. The most important function of dopamine is to produce connections between neurons in the brain. You might have heard earlier that the memory of our brain works on the basis of association, therefore, dopamine makes this association stronger.
Experimental learning is also very important for children, and without experimental learning, creativity can never be boosted. Thus another advantage of games is that they promote experimental learning. Children also develop different skills when they play games, for instance, they develop problem-solving capabilities, collaboration, communication, and negotiation. Games also increase the motivation level of children, and when they are motivated, they learn to the maximum extent. It is a well-known fact that we do things properly that we love, and as children love games, they are always motivated in the gaming activities. So, many teachers argue that this motivation can be channelized in a more positive manner. Apart from games, there are also new apps being introduced which focus more on the educational aspects and less on the gameplay.
Relation Between Games and Studies

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery life – What to Expect

Friday, August 26, 2016 1 comment

Samsung is known for new technology and innovation. The company adds new hardware in their smartphones when they update their devices. 

The nextgen Galaxy smartphone i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to get a bigger battery and as per the leaks it is suggested that it will come with different power options along with fast charging. 

As there is no official confirmation from Samsung about the Samsung galaxy s8 release date, we can only sum up the leaks which are out for the device. Let’s have a look at all the info which we have for the Samsung Galaxy S8 regarding the battery

Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Size 

We expect that Samsung will provide a battery with size more than 4000 mAh in the Samsung galaxy S8. It would be a wise decision to provide a battery bigger than 4000 mAh as Samsung is planning to add a new processor which might eat a lot of battery. 

If Samsung fails to provide a 4000 mAh battery then you can opt for the different power saving modes which are available in the OS you are going to get in the Samsung Galaxy S8. Using these power modes you can lower the system resources which will provide you a longer battery backup.

Off course all these options will be available in Android Nougat which is going to be the upcoming Android operating system. 

Samsung Galaxy S8 battery life 

When we talk about battery life the metric which we use basically is how many hours? We expect that the Galaxy S8 will provide a battery backup of around 500–700 hours. 

The device might deliver calling time of around 30– 60 hours but we are not sure as there is no confirmation about the battery size which Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with. 

As we have mentioned earlier that there is no confirmation from Samsung about the battery size which the smartphone will come with all this info is based on the rumors or leaks which are it there. 

Don’t take this info as the official specs of the device as you will only find about that at MWC 2017. 

What do you think would be the battery size of the Samsung Galaxy S8? Let us know using the comments section below. 

Samsung Galaxy S7 Pros & Cons - Expert Reviews

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 1 comment

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

Samsung as a global brand is currently dominating the world smartphone stage with nearly 21% of the worldwide market share. At a recent release early this year, they came up with their flagship smartphones in the name of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Samsung Galaxy S7.

This time of the year consumers are looking for flagship smartphones, and its release is a perfect time to get hands around. Other brands such as Sony, LG have also released their flagship smartphones, as a consumer, it’s really confusing to compare each brand with other and their specs or prices. 

These are where this post will help you out in deciding one of the Samsung latest offering Samsung galaxy s7 with detailing pros and cons to give a glimpse of it before you buy. 

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 has been launched with some new features. Such as Android Marshmallow OS v6.0, 5.1 inches Super AMOLED display, Snapdragon 820/ Exynos 8890, 12 MP Rear and 5 MP Front camera, 64 GB ROM with a support of 200 GB micro SD card,3000 mAh battery, and 4 GB Ram. Let us here review below the Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Pros :

One the main reasons the Android consumer look out for Samsung smartphones is it brand value and the features that it offers. The design is the main aspect as this being flagship phones it has done a great job being one of the beautiful phones released this year. 

It’s a combination of metal and glass which really adds up to premium touch considering the price that it is listed on the market. The screen with 5.5-inch AMOLED display looks amazing. This time, the battery is better with exceptional usage throughout the day. Let us look at the other Samsung Galaxy S7 pros listed below.

•    Excellent build quality with metal and glass combination.
•    Support fast and wireless charging. Quick charge 3.0 is four times faster than the conventional charging and 38% more efficient than quick charge 2.0.
•    World’s first Smartphone with dual-pixel that allows almost instant focus speed.
•    Best camera quality that you can expect compared to other flagship smartphones.
•    Quick and accurate fingerprint sensor.
•    Wireless charging, Quick Charge 3.0 is four times faster than conventional charging and 38% more efficient than Quick Charge 2.0 and supports fast-charging.
•    The best camera quality you can experience from a cell phone.
•    Quick and accurate fingerprint sensor.
•    USB OTG cable supported
•    Water-resistant up to 1.5-meter depth for 30 minutes (IP68 Certified) and Dust proof.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Cons :

There are very few things to talk about when it comes to cons in the new Samsung Galaxy S7, but it is important to know about them so that you can make a better decision.
•    Apps can’t be moved to your micro SD card, but there are solutions which can help.
•    The battery is non-removable most consumers find this uncomfortable.
•    The smartphone is more of a hybrid phone to be called rather than a dual sim.

Final Verdict :

The above are the few listed pros and cons of Samsung Galaxy S7. Hope this will guide you in deciding the smartphone you are looking for with the price value. As far as we are concerned, this smartphone surely has quality, features, and design which are worth a try.

Please leave your views as comments and we appreciate all your support.

(Infographic) Smartphone: How Do We Use Them

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Smartphone: How We Use Them

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Tool to Manage And Automate Your Social Media Presence

Monday, June 15, 2015 , 2 comments

Social Media is the next big thing after search. There are billions of people surfing everyday on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you own an online or offline business and want to expand your reach, you may already know that there is huge potential in social media.
But the problem is there are so many things to be taken care of. There are many platforms and each one has its own rules and restrictions. What you may do is to hire social media professionals and pay huge sums of money to them while still not understanding any of the technical details. Or what else you can do is to get a social media organizer tool and then let it take care of everything.

eClincher is one of the social media automation tools that I came across recently. This tool looks promising. The great thing about this tool is that it has powerful features while still easy to use and very user friendly. Much like any other social media software, this one is also paid. But the good news is you can try it for 14 days for free and see if it fulfills your requirements or not.
Tool to Automate Your Social Media
eClincher Calendar View
There are many great features in this software, but here are some main functions which I really like about it:

Scheduling Posts on your Social Media Pages: This is an obvious one but the way their team designed the user interface is very intuitive and user friendly. And it also supports posting single post on multiple days. Social Media Platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

One Place Analytics for your Website/Blog/Social Media Pages: This is one of the best things about this tool that it lets you see all the analytics data in just one place. You don’t have to go to different places to see the results, eClincher lets you visualize all the data beautifully at one place. This tool even supports Google Analytics integration with real time analytics.

Custom Feed and Inbox: Custom feed is another great feature which allows you to target and interact with your potential buyers or customers on the internet. All you have to is to enter the user interests, profession etc. and it will give you a list of people to whom you should interact.

Universal Inbox is also a great feature which lets you see all social media activity at one stop. You don’t have to login to different accounts and websites. All you got to do is to head over to Inbox and there you will see all the notifications and messages for your pages and profiles. Then you can reply from there.

These are some of the features that I liked and can list as of now. Let me know how do you manage your social media and what kind of features would you like to see in your perfect social media software. You can go ahead and try the 14 day trial for free at their website and see if you like it or not.

Advantages of Linux Hosting

Friday, November 21, 2014 1 comment

Friends! When it comes to the online businesses, then a person is always investigator of the best web hosting brand present out there on web according to their uses. However, if you had also done it ever, then had you noticed the server’s operating system options? Usually every web host offers two types of servers- Linux and Windows.

Linux servers are highly famous among the web developers, online entrepreneurs and other eminent internet personalities. So, what’s that important about Linux hosting, that people opt to choose it over the windows hosting. So, this post runs around the advantages of Linux hosting. Yeah you can also wait till black, for better black friday web hosting deals 2014

Linux hosting is an open source that is the very strong point of Linux hosting. When used with proper tools of hosting, Linux hosting servers to provide very fine scalability, reliability, speed and characteristics. So, for the detailed judgment have a look on the advantages of the Linux hosting. 

Advantages of Linux hosting

 Lower Cost Factor

As told above, the Linux operating system is free of the cost for the web developers and same is the case with the Linux hosting, the people who have little technical knowledge can enjoy the various free services that come with Linux hosting packages. File Server, Web Server, DNS Server and FTP are free for download. 

The web entrepreneurs choose Linux hosting over the Windows hosting due to the WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and phpBB scripts, easily getting installed on the servers. So, the advantage of linux hosting, saves a lot of money for the entrepreneurs which is great factor for them.
Although the hosting companies offer many features with the Linux servers so that no need of much technical knowledge is required. The talented web programmers can modify, improve and distribute the service because of the open platform of Linux servers.


Linux hosting offers high degree of flexibility to the users. The flexibility can be interpreted in the the terms of the hosting capabilities of the e-commerce applications, a number of websites and multimedia applications too. Moreover, it can be modified and the new things could be added accordingly very easily. 

High Degree of Compatibility

Linux web hosting brand is highly compatible softwares and other operating systems.Linux users can share its reputation of being compatible with other codes and scripts. It should be noted that the hardware and software parts should be compatible with each other so that the users get the uninterrupted service. 

If a user codes its website in Linux and uses the Windows OS based server than there will be no problems encountered by him. 

Performance Wise

The performance of the Linux hosting can be judged by the high speed of the servers. When compared to the Windows servers, the Linux hosting and servers tend to handle more data and traffic and applications simultaneous than the Windows.

Linux hosting comes with basic hosting and users have the freedom to increase its speed and performance by installing PHP, MySQL and Perl Script such that the users will be benefited by productivity and performance of the websites.


A host is reliable if it provides good uptime. The Linux hosting provides high and constant uptime that means the machines have the high probability of in operation than to be showing downtime.
That is ultimately useful for the users as they bring huge traffic for the entrepreneurs who already use internet and hosting for their business expansion. 

As a hosting provider, software fixes, maintenance and server upgrades are necessary to get rid of obsolete components to boost server performance in the long run and reduce hosting costs (however, let’s face it, anyone who’s connected to the Internet can experience a security breach). When it comes to reliability, Linux arguably outguns Windows since it was one of the early platforms to host websites as the Internet got started.


Security is also the major concern of a user who expects the high degree of security from its host. The security issues are handled quite brilliantly by the Linux hosting. 

The Linux hosting servers have daily backups and those are automatic. The attacks are handled furiously by the programs running on the servers. The data of the users are safe and secure on the servers of Linux hosting companies. If a person needs highest security then please be choosy in terms of brands as so many brands are offering Linux hosting at different prices. So, the increase in the prices enhances the features set too. 

So, guys! The above advantages of Linux hosting would be quite sufficient for you to choose Linux hosting over the Windows hosting.

If you have any queries related to the Linux hosting, then comment below and we will surely reply with desired answers.