Linkedin and Facebook Blogging

Facebook Linkedin
Although Linkedin and Facebook are not very similar sites, there are many features that
you can combine in both of them which will make them work very well together. There is a
lot of overlap between Facebook and Linkedin even though they are designed for different
purposes – Linkedin is more a place to find and look for work while Facebook is mostly used for
entertainment. This is not to say that you shouldn't combine them and make them work together
to save you time.

If you have a Wordpress blog, it’s relatively easy to set up a way for your posts to be
automatically posted to both Facebook and Linkedin at the same time.
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Wordpress Addons:

There are many Wordpress addons, but in this case you should be looking for one that allows
you to link your Facebook and Linkedin accounts into your Wordpress page. The idea is that
every time you post on your Wordpress site, the blog is also automatically posted to both
Facebook and Linkedin.

For Facebook, you can achieve this by searching for a number of addons. There are several
different types and they all have different features, so you should try them out before you settle
on one.

When it comes to Linkedin, the business networking site has its own Wordpress plugin in their
setup area which you can simply enable. After typing in your credentials to your Wordpress site,
a small box in your feed in Linkedin will post your blog entries there every time you create a new
one, so your connections will be able to see your entries in their feeds.
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Why Should You Link These? 

There are many reasons to link Facebook, Linkedin and Wordpress, but the number one reason
is to save you time. It’s far easier updating your post once and then having it spread to other
networks automatically. The best thing is, you can incorporate many other networks into this
strategy by simply installing more plugins into your Wordpress page or by finding the relevant
setup option on the other social network you use.

The simple answer to why you should diversify in this way is that other people have limited
time as well and they are only using 1-2 social networks at most. If someone is already using
MySpace and their friends all are, they are unlikely to switch to Facebook or Google +. But all
you need to do is set it up so it posts everywhere at once.