Apple iPhone 5S Rumors, Launch Date and Technical Specifications

iPhone 5S
iPhone 5S
As we have seen that Apple's latest Smartphone iPhone 5 have not fulfilled the expected demands of users. It was very Hot in the news but it was more a buzz than a Smartphone. Apple's users said on the iPhone 5 launch (specially on the launch of iOS 6 Maps) that Apple is really missing Steve Jobs. So iPhone 5 was not a very good product from Apple. iPhone 5 had many problems, some users are having problems with iOS 6 maps while others are facing battery issues. We hopes that these issues will be minimized in next generation of iPhone that is iPhone 5S.
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           It is rumored that Apple will launch its next generation of iPhone that is iPhone 5S in June of the coming year that June 2013. Peter Misek confirmed that the New iPhone will have a Super HD screen with resolution higher than 1080p. He says that Apple may also introduce Retina + technology in iPhone 5S. It will have more storage capacity. He thinks that one 128 GB model may also be launched.
             The next generation of iPhone will have NFC. The Super HD and Retina + display will make the iPhone 5S a very high end smartphone. As iPhone 5 have a sub-HD screen and the newer iPhone will have super HD screen. Retina + will add more colors and the screen will be of higher quality.
             Rumors saying that Apple will launch this device in Summer. The expected launch date is Jun-July of 2013. Rumors confirmed that Apple has already ordered a trail production in a small batch of iPhone 5S. Thus a summer launch is expected.
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Last Comments:
               Apple's previous iPhone launch was very hot. iPhone 5 was the most awaited product from Apple. But it can't make their users happy. With the addition of iOS 6 maps Apple really made their users unhappy. It was the first time that an i-device was launched with such errors and problems. After that, now many users are saying that they are having some battery issues on their iPhone 5. So it is very interesting to see that what Apple will come with the iPhone 5S. This launch will prove that if Apple have learned something from its previous launch.
         On the other hand, Android is beating everyone on every market. Its market share is keep growing. Recently, Android defeated iOS in Australia too. Experts are saying that it will keep on growing. So it will be very interesting to see If Apple can win over Android.
What you think about this next generation of iPhone? Will it make its users happier or will fill them with disregard like iPhone 5?
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