How To Root Your HTC Android Phone (All Models)

Root HTC
Root HTC Android Mobile
The trend of Rooting Android devices is becoming more popular day by day. In your friend circle, many Android users may already rooted their mobile phones. This guide is for HTC users, who wants to Root their mobile phones and Install any custom ROM like Nameless. To Root your HTC Android phone, first you have to Unlock boot loader which is very easy to do. Please note that rooting and installing Custom ROM may void your warranty, so do this at your own risk.
             In this guide, i am using HTC Desire C and the tool used for rooting is r1 Superboot. But the steps may be similar for other phones also. So, lets start with the Rooting process.
After Finishing This Guide, You May Also Want To Install Custom ROM on Your HTC Smartphone. Follow This Simple Tutorial To Install Custom ROM on HTC Smartphones.
How To Root HTC Android Mobile Phone:

  1. Before proceeding to root process, first we have to unlock the boot loader. For this go this tutorial:
    How to Unlock Boot loader of HTC Device.
  2. After successfully unlocking Bootloader of your Mobile phone, Download the required tool from :
  3. Connect your HTC Mobile phone in Bootloader Mode, for this:
    Switch Off your Mobile Phone.
    Remove the Battery and Press Volume Down+Power button.
    Now a screen with white background will open. Use Vol Up Down buttons to highlight Bootloader and press power button to select it. Now in the top, it will saying : ***Unlocked*** and FASTBOOT will changed to FASTBOOT USB.
  4. Now extract the downloaded archive to C:\Android.
  5. Now open the extracted folder and run the file saying 'install-superboot-windows.bat' or install-superboot-windows'.
  6. Now your phone will be restarted.
  7. It may take some time as it'll setup Super user privileges. After sometime, phone will boot up and you'll have your HTC Mobile Phone successfully rooted. Now, the Superuser apk will be installed automatically. You can grant superuser privileges to any applications and do whatever you want to do with your phone. Such as installing custom ROM or Custom Operating System.

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  1. The WiFi option seems to have stopped working as soon as I rooted my device.
    And I am a beginner to this, so could you guide me as to how I can make better use of the rooted device? For starters, it would be nice if u told me how to upgrade it to JellyBean, or something like that?

    1. Dear Vignesh,
      You may face problems on rooted devices. I would suggest you to install any of your favorite stable ROM. You should read this, if you are using a HTC Desire: How To Install Nameless ROM on HTC. Please clarify if you are using any other device.

  2. My phone wont get past this message "This is for development purposes only"

    1. Hello mate, Can you please be more specific? I mean on which step this message start to show?

  3. Hi, I would like to know how long approximately does the phone reboot on step number 7? I was like on the HTC reboot screen for more than 5 mins then suddenly decided to cut the process and haven't tried it again. Can you help me on what needs to be done in this kind of instances or could I probably missed on something. I would appreciate to hear anything from you.


  4. my phone goes to the htc white screen and a red message saying this build is for development purpose only etc wat do i do here oh and i have htc desire c