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Reset iView Tablet
Recently, my friend bought a tablet, that was iView Tablet. One day, he changed the pattern lock and then forgot it. He tried so many times so that Tablet started asking for Signing In with the Google Account. He took the tablet and came to me. I tried filling his credentials but nothing works. Then i searched online and found no specific working solution for this. I also tried booting to recovery and then resetting but that also didn't worked because i don't know how to go to the recovery mode in that device.
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          Then i tried one another solution of Installing ROM and it worked perfectly. So, as i've seen too many users asking for the solution to this, i decided to post a step by step tutorial. If you too accidently lost access to your tablet then you can also follow this tutorial to Reset or Re-Install ROM on your tablet. I suppose that this will work for every iView tablet. In my case, the model was 754TPC. So, lets follow the procedure to Hard or Factory Reset your iView Tablet. The process is very simple.
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How to Hard Reset/Factory Reset or Re-Install ROM in iView Tablet:

  1. Go to this page and find the Firmware for your specific device model:
    If your device is not listed then try searching for your device's model in the top search box. In search results click on download tab. Now the 1st result will be like 'Firmware For 'Device Model' '.
  2. Click on that link to download the Firmware for your iView Tablet.
  3. As i mentioned above, in my case the Tablet was 754TPC, so i searched and downloaded the Firmware which is as a .Rar file.
  4. Now extract that downloaded files to a folder.
  5. One folder will be live suite pack and other will have boot img or .iso file.
  6. Open the folder saying 'Live Suite Pack'. Go to Live Suite Pack_v*** Folder. (Leave USB Driver folder as is.)
  7. Run this file LiveSuitPack_v1.07.exe.
  8. A security warning may come, click on 'Install this driver software anyway'
  9. Now run the file: LiveSuit.exe
  10. A pop up will come with two options. Click on 'No'.
  11. Click on First Icon and select the firmware file (.iso. file) that was in the extracted folder.
  12. Now Turn OFF your Tablet completely.
  13. Press and Hold Back Button and connect the tablet to computer via USB and simultaneously press Power button 7 times.
  14. Now a pop up will be shown on computer's screen. Click on 'Yes'.
  15. An another confirmation pop up will come, again click on 'Yes'.
  16. Now the tool will start formatting your iView Tablet. Wait for the process to complete 100%.
    It'll show a pop up when the formatting is completed. Click on Ok.
  17. Disconnect your Tablet from the computer and Turn it On. It may take sometime as it is booting for the first time.
  18. As you'll see, You have successfully unlocked your iView Tablet.
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