LED Technology - Will it kick out CFL and Fluorescent

LED technology is growing rapidly and is replacing the CFL and Fluorescent. If we see the fast going up curve of LED, then this question comes into mind that are the LEDs are entering into their prime time. Will the LED kick out CFL and Fluorescent? Well, it's possible if the LEDs are a step ahead in every aspect, from the CFL and Fluorescent. Let's try to find out the answer of this puzzling question in this article.
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If we talk about the lifespan of all three, then it's LED, which is far ahead than the other two. Lifespan is one of the most considered factors as no one likes to spend money again and again. LED offers a lifetime of over 40000 hours which is better than what the CFL and Fluorescent offer. This factors support the kicking out of the CFL and Fluorescent in the near future.

Heat Output
People are getting smarter nowadays and look for every single thing that can save their hard earned money. With CFL and Fluorescent, the major problem is of heat output. These bulbs waste a huge amount of energy supplied to them as heat. Obviously, as the useful energy is getting wasted as heat, so more energy will be consumed by CFL and Fluorescent and its direct impact can be seen on big bills of electricity. On the other hand, LEDs don't produce any heat and thus eat less electricity. So LED lights lighten your pocket to less extent and this is one of the major reasons that support the LED technology will kick out CFL and Fluorescent.
Material Used
You might have noticed that Government also suggest people to use LED instead of  CFL and Fluorescent. The reason is safety of our environment. The material used for making the CFL and Fluorescent, is Mercury, which is quite dangerous, not only to environment, but to human health as well. But no such material is used in LED.

Frequent Use Impact
This is another feature that stands in the side of LEDs. The CFL and Fluorescent are not good in the place where you switch on and off the buttons frequently. Such people should consider the LED only as the light is not so strong and is not get affected by the frequent use, to any extent.

Yes, features do matter, whenever we buy anything. But Cost of the product is what we can't neglect. Talking about the cost, the LEDs are not highly expensive as compared to CFL and Fluorescent lamps life span. As LEDs consume less energy, so the money that you spend to buy them, gets returned, slowly, year by year.
LEDs are far better than CFL and Fluorescent. But the only problem is of little bit high cost and it's not a major one compare to its life time. The reason why many people have not switched to LEDs yet is they’re not aware about using LEDs and its advantages. But the research is under process to decrease the manufacturing cost of LED and thus providing it at low price. If it happens, then it's a sure thing that LED Technology will ditch CFL and Fluorescent soon.