How to Open GIF Images in Windows - With & Without Using Software

Run GIF Files in Windows
Run GIF Files in Windows
GIF Images are special type of images which works like an animated picture. In GIF images, the objects or photos perform movements just like a video. So GIFs are very useful when you have to keep an animation or video in very small and tiny size.
But most of the times, users find it very difficult to open GIF files and to play the animations of GIFs. Users find it impossible to run GIFs on their windows computer. Most of you might have also experienced that whenever you open a GIF image, all you can see is a still image with no movements or animations at all.
Well, here i am going to share with you two simple methods to successfully run GIF animations on your Windows computer. These two methods works very well on all Windows such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista.
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The first method is manual work which don't need any third party application or software to do the task. In this tutorial, we will be using Microsoft's Web Browser Internet Explorer to open and seamlessly run GIF animations on your computer.
First Method:

How to Open GIF Files Without Using Any Software in Windows

In this tutorial, what we are actually going to do is to use Microsoft's Internet Explorer to open the GIF images. So lets begin the tutorial.
  • Locate the GIF file that you want to open.
  • Right click on that file and select Open with>Choose Default Program.
  • Now select Internet Explorer from the list. (Tip: Click on drop down arrow if Internet Explorer is not in the programs list)
  • If you want your GIF files to be opened automatically by Internet Explorer in future then check the box at the bottom saying: Always use the selected program to open this kinda file. Otherwise if you only want your file to be opened this time only then uncheck this box.
  • Click on OK and your GIF image animation will be running fine on IE.
Second Method:

How to Open GIF Files Using Free Software Tool in Windows

If you find the above procedure too complicated or don't want to open your GIF file in IE then there is also an alternative permanent method for you to open GIF files by using a free software tool made for Windows.
This tool not only gives you option to open your GIF files but also provides some other nice features such as ability to rotate GIF animations, Edit GIFs in Paint, Restart GIF animation and advanced info about the GIF files.
Not only that, you can also convert your GIF animation image files to other standard image file formats such as JPG, JPEG and PNG etc.
To open your GIF files with this software, you just have to install this tool and that is all. You are done.
Visit this link to download GIF Image Viewer Software.