What is Peer to Peer Network - Networking Models

Peer to Peer Network
Peer to Peer Network
Networking Models: Networking Model is the way in which various computers and resources can be connected. There are mainly two networking models:
  • Peer To Peer Network
  • Client/Server Network
Here, we are going to discuss only Peer to Peer Network.
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Peer to Peer Network: Peer to Peer Network is a network in which various computers or devices are connected to each other directly that is without any use of central device such as Server. This network is also known as P2P Networking Model. In peer to peer network, as their is no Server, so there is no control over the communication between connected devices or workstations. Any two computers can be connected to each other via LAN cable, then this will form a peer to peer network. The Advantages and Dis Advantages of Peer to Peer Networks are also given at the end of this article.
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      Peer to Peer network is also the most efficient method of Networking. With P2P networking model, we do not have to purchase bulky and expensive servers. Any devices or computers can be connected to each other directly through a LAN connection. Then the whole data transfer will take place between two computers. The computers or Workstations connected in a P2P fashion are known as Nodes. As shown in above diagram, every node can send and receive data from one another.
    Though, the P2P model is really inexpensive. But its only for home or small users. For a large Data Center or on large scales it is not recommended and start facing problems. It is also not much secure. Due to the absence of any central device, there will be no control on the data transfer between nodes. Any user can do any type of modifications in each other's computer and there will be no record of When the user accessed some specific file or directory.
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    As all computers or nodes connected in this network, have same privileges that is why the connected devices are called Peers. So all devices or workstations are same and no one is being administrator. Hence its model name 'Peer to Peer Networking Model' is chosen.  

Advantages of Peer to Peer Network: Peer to Peer network is very cheaper and easy to establish. This networking model is best suited for Home Use and Small users. Following are the Advantages of using P2P network:
  • There is no need of any Server or Central Device.
  • It is easy to configure.
  • There is no need of monitoring or Administrator.
  • Workstations can communicate with each other easily.
  • The total cost of networking is reduced.
Disadvantages of Peer To Peer Network: Although, Peer to Peer Networking Model is cheap and easy to configure but as we stated above, It is not the best solution out there. It is only suitable for home use. There are some disadvantages of using P2P model on large bases. Some of them are given below:
  • We can connect a small number of resources.
  • The security is very poor.
  • No Control Over the Transfer.
  • Very low customization provided.