How to Install Nameless ROM on Your HTC Desire C

Nameless ROM
Nameless ROM For HTC
Nameless is a custom ROM for HTC Desire C smartphone. It has many features and built in tweaks. You can independently tweak your device according to your needs and requirements. Main features of Nameless ROM are given below:
  • UI based installation Wizard which lets you customize your installation.
  • SuperSu Installed.
  • Busybox Installed.
  • Customizable Theme.
  • Ad Blocker Installed.
  • Battery Percentage.
  • Fast and Reliable.
  • Link2SD Installed.
  • Terminal Emulator and Task Manager Installed.
  • Sidebar Lite and Overclock App Pre-Installed.
  • And So many other features.
To install this Custom ROM on your HTC Desire C mobile phone, you first have to unlock your phone's bootloader and then root your mobile phone. I suggests you to install CWM Recovery also, through which you can make a backup of your current ROM so that in case if the process doesn't go right, then you can simply restore to the backup that you created before. To begin installing Nameless Custom ROM on your HTC Desire C, follow the steps given below:
How to Install Nameless Custom ROM on HTC Desire C:
  1. First Unlock your phone's Bootloader by going through this guide:
    How to Unlock Bootloader of HTC Device
    All Steps required to Unlock Bootloader are given in the article whose link is given above. You need to follow the guide step by step as provided there. Don't worry. All the steps given in our guides are very easy to follow. If you not sure just give it a try.
  2. Now, root your HTC Mobile phone by following this guide:
    How To Root HTC Android Phone.
  3. Install CWM Recovery (For this: How to Install CWM on HTC Android)to make a Backup of your current stock ROM. See guide here:
  4. Download the Nameless Custom ROM from this link:
  5. Extract the Boot.img for your desired frequency. I suggest you to use stock's frequency.
  6. Copy that boot.img file to C:\Android.
  7. Open command prompt by typing cmd in start menu.
  8. Type following in the command prompt window:
    cd C:\Android    and then
    fastboot flash boot boot.img
  9. Now copy the downloaded zip archive to your sd card and pur sd card in the phone.
  10. Start phone in Bootloader. (Press Vol down + Power Button)
  11. Navigate to Recovery menu with the help of up and down volume buttons and press power button to select Recovery.
  12. Now choose Wipe Cache Partition and then Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
  13. Then go to advance and select Wipe Dalvik Cache.
  14. Now select Install ZIP from SD Card.
  15. Choose 'Nameless ROM V7.*.*' and choose yes.
  16. Now select 1st option of Full Wipe and then follow on screen options to customize your installation according to your needs.
  17. Let the installation complete.
  18. Restart your phone, it may take some time as it is Booting for the First time.
  19. That's all..Now you have successfully installed Nameless Custom ROM on your HTC Desire C Smartphone.Play with it and tell via comments how you feel about it.

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  1. Tks, I was able to change the ROM.
    but my HTC disre C self reboots, what should I do with that problem

    1. You are Welcome Dear. You should check Wiping your cache and data through ClockWorkMod Recovery. Hope this helps.
      With Regards.

    2. I have installed the revolution rom through cwm aroma installer followed steps but it is finished it keep restarting on HTC screen

  2. Wipe all user data before flashing ROM. Power off after flash, boot into bootloader, reboot.

    1. Thanks Dear,
      For sharing these tips.
      Hope this help others.

  3. can i use boot.img of oc_800 frequency...n if not why...please tell..?

    1. You can your own risk. The fear is just that you could end up overheating your device or will start having battery life problems. I think so. Good Luck and share your experience after you tried it. It might be useful for other readers.

    2. I've flashed the revilution rom using cwm and mobile data and wifi not wrking please help

  4. My desire c cannot load custom rom , it get struct only on HTC logo .......! Plzz any body help.?