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Hello Friends, Here i am going to show you a simple tweak to do fun with Windows Internet Explorer. (Although, it seems that Microsoft created this browser to do fun, not to browse web). So this is a simple tutorial through which you will learn How you can display your own name or any name in the title bar of Internet Explorer in Windows.
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Many of us are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer. IE is most used Web Browser of the world with almost 40% market share. Although Google Chrome defeated the two most famous browsers i.e. Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer but still most users prefer to use this pre-installed Internet Explorer. This tweak is useful for them. This is just for fun. Here all we are going to do is 'to display our name  in title bar of internet explorer'. By default when you open a new window of Microsoft's Internet Explorer its title bar displays as 'Website address or title' - Windows Internet  Explorer . Let us assume that we opened Google in IE, then its title will display: "Google - Windows Internet Explorer". The tweak will simply insert your name (OR Anything you like to insert) after Internet Explorer in title bar. You can see, as in my case it saying: "Google - Windows Internet Explorer Provided by Gurjit Singh Khehra". Thus you can insert any name in title bar of internet explorer with this simple trick. Yes this is very simple. Even a little child and an old man can do it. You doesn't require any advanced knowledge, no programming skills are required. Only you required is a computer having installed Internet Explorer with Windows 7. I mentioned Windows 7 because in example we are using Windows 7, so i am not sure about other Windows versions. You can try it on others and please comment here if it works for you. So let's start the procedure:
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How To Display Your Name In Title Bar In Internet Explorer:
1. First of all Go to run by pressing Windows key and then hitting R.
2. Now type : gpedit.msc and hit enter.
3. Now click on User Configuration
4. Now Click on Internet Explorer Maintenance.
5. Browser User Interface.
6. Browser Title.
7. Now check "Customize Title Bars"
8. Enter name in field.
9. Click OK.
Now open IE and See the Result.
Video Tutorial-How To Display Your Name In Title Bar In Internet Explorer: