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Today's world is the world of Technology and Internet. In our daily life we uses Instant Messengers to get connected to our friends and colleagues  Skype is one of the most used Instant Messenger. Many of us uses this messenger for Video Calling, Chatting with friends etc. Some organisations also use Skype as a professional tool. So this piece of software becomes a need of every online user or internet user. Although, by default when you go to Skype's official website to download its setup then they'll give you an EXE file containing online installer. This installer takes some time to download Skype from its official servers. This task can be very annoying if you need to re-install Skype on your computer or have to install it on other computer. Then again online installer will download Skype from its servers and wastes our bandwidth and data usage, also it takes more time as compared to offline installer.
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         So here i am going to give you a download link of Skype Instant Messenger, through which you can download Offline Installer of Skype or Full Setup which will instantly install on your computer. The main advantage of Skype Offline Installer is that you have to download it just once. You don't have to download necessary files every time you want to install on other PC or on your own. Once you downloaded this full setup of Skype then you can install Skype instantly on any PC, Computer or Laptop. Through this link, the download will be an EXE file which will be of almost 20 MB. So click on the Download link Given below and Enjoy Free Offline Installer of Skype. Actually, i am posting here two links. 1st link is recommended. In case, if first downloaded file doesn't work well then you should try the 2nd or alternative link.
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Download Skype Offline Installer. (Recommended)
Download Skype Offline Installer
Please note that these links are automatically update when a newer version of Skype becomes available. So you don't have to worry about the Version of the Software. Every time, you click on these links, they will start downloading the latest version of Skype.