Customize Your Facebook Cover with Cover Maker Software

Customization of Facebook in Times Gone By

Facebook today is much different to the Facebook that we used to know in the past, over the past few years we’ve seen a whole variety of customization processes of our profiles come and go. Facebook have tried to provide us with the ability to customize the way in which our profiles appear but seem to have previously dithered in the approach taken.

Customize Facebook Cover
For example, a few years ago you were able to customize various apps that appeared on your Facebook profile page and, before that you were able to more readily move about various aspects on your Facebook profile page.
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At the present moment, however, customizations to one’s Facebook profile are fairly limited and largely limited to your Facebook cover and Facebook profile picture.

The problem with customizing your Facebook cover and profile picture were that it was a very time consuming activity, however more recently it’s become much easier thanks to Facebook cover maker software such as that provided by the team at Make a Cover for Facebook.
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Make a Cover for Facebook

Make a Cover for Facebook is a utility that allows you to dynamically put together a Facebook cover by stitching together a huge amount of layers, these layers form the basis of a customized Facebook cover. The methodology this Facebook cover maker software takes is one whereby you are required to select from an assortment of options for each aspect of the Facebook cover. For example, you choose the character, the hand gestures as well as each aspect of the characters clothing.
The advantage of Make a Cover for Facebook over the alternatives is that you get a say in how your Facebook cover looks without the hassle of having to design various aspects of the cover yourself, it’s also very quick at putting together a Facebook cover as you are able to click by click choose the customizations that are most desirable to you.

There are a few problems with this cover maker for Facebook software, the first is that the more recent characters seem to have more automation options than the characters that the developers have had in the tool for a while – as such, the character you choose will have a lot of influence over the experience that you will have with the cover maker. Secondly, there is no ability to drag and position the character in the Facebook cover; this is something that I feel would be quite desirable.

To summarise, the Facebook Cover maker by Make a Cover, despite its limitations is a pretty neat way in which to create your own single use cover.