Samsung Galaxy S4 VS Apple iPhone 5S Comparison

iPhone 5S vs Galaxy 4S
Samsung Galaxy vs iPhone 5S
    Here, i am comparing Apple iPhone 5S with Samsung Galaxy S4. The comparison is based of the technical specifications that are provided by outer sources. I am doing my best to review and compare these two devices. The given specifications are not 100% sure and are taken as 'Expected' features that experts suggests. Read On to explore these two devices.
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    As we know that Apple iPhone 5 launch was not very successful for Apple. So now users are assuming that the launch of iPhone 5S will give some relief. Previously, Apple failed very badly after introducing the iOS 6 Maps in new iPhone 5 instead of Google Maps. Now some users also reporting that they are having some Battery issues on iPhone 5. So now all are tuned for the launch of next Apple iPhone 5S. To Know more about the launch, you can read here:
Apple iPhone 5S Launch and Tech Specs.
     On the other hand, Android and Samsung are rocking the world. Android's market share is increasing day by day and its already far ahead of its competitors. South Korea's Tech Giant Samsung is on Top in Smartphone and Electronics Devices. Now Samsung is rumored to launch its next Galaxy device that is Samsung Galaxy S4 in month of April. So its good to see how this Smartphones War goes.

Comparison Between Apple iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4: