5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using File Sharing

File Sharing
Reasons For Using File Sharing
Productivity and efficiency are two words which always figure in the business world. It’s also a reason why individual users use online file sharing to transfer data. With the Internet opening a whole world of possibilities, its file sharing which is steadily becoming one of the most popular technologies on the Internet.

You’ve probably encountered free file sharing software. Software which carries a subscription unlocks a whole host of additional benefits, though.
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If you haven’t adopted file sharing from a provider like ShareFile.com in your life, it’s time to seriously consider it for the following reasons.
  • Quick Transfers
File sharing is an easy way to transfer lots of data in a short space of time. Businesses often transfer entire company projects through file sharing systems. You can send your holiday pictures or any other heavy-duty file through it as well. There are no restrictions like with many free versions of file sharing.
  • Move Anything
Email attachments were always the traditional way of sending something to someone else. Most email inboxes have limits on file sizes. Usually, you can send things which are no bigger than 25MB.
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File sharing removes these limits. Free file sharing services might have organic limits, but you can remove these by upgrading. You can transfer files of any size and in any format. This is especially important for companies in industries like graphic design and animation where they’re transferring uncommon file types.

Here’s another point on file size. Internet providers tend to impose transfer limits of 2GB. Use file sharing and these limits disappear.
  • Easy to Use
Most programs have a very smooth learning curve. It doesn't take any amount of technical knowledge to learn how to transfer files. Programs from ShareFile.com will always provide detailed tutorials for the beginner.

It’s as easy as sending an email attachment without all the restrictions attached. It’s why businesses can introduce it to their employees without having to set up expensive learning courses.
  • Security
Sharing a file is one of the most secure ways you can send data to someone. Providers always include the option to add a password to any transferred files. Share the password with your recipient and it prevents anyone else from opening it and potentially exposing sensitive data.
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There are also links which expire after a certain period of time. Send the link to someone and they have a time limit to click the link. Once this timer expires, nobody can access the files again.
  • Cost-Effective
Think of how many expenses there are in introducing new software and hardware to a company. You might have to call a technician round to install and teach you how to use it. To roll it out to someone else, you’d have to have them trained.

File sharing removes all these hassles. Install file sharing software and study from the basic tutorial. Most services are no more complex than a simple drag-and-drop feature. It’s why so many people are now turning to this piece of simple technology to send data around the world.