Top 5 Apps to Find The Cheapest Hotel Deals

Do you feel a little thrill every time you find a really great hotel room for way under value? Traveling is expensive on its own and hotels take up the bulk of the cost, but you have to stay somewhere. Now, instead of spending forever negotiating that low rate, just pull out your phone and pull up one of these handy hotel apps.
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Crack the Cost Using Kayak

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Kayak is a great app to use when you're on a budget because it's easy to use. The interface is clean and simple to navigate, meaning that you can search for hotels while you're in the car or even in the airport. No matter how last-minute your trip or how tight your travel budget, you can use Kayak to find fitting accommodation. The best part is that, if you need to, you can also use it to find affordable flights. It's free on iPhone and Android.

Expedia Excels at Accommodation

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Expedia's app makes excellent use of GPS and push notifications to pinpoint your exact location. From there you can look for nearby Canada hotels, motels in Pennsylvania, or even accommodation abroad. Search and filter your results based on:Your price point
  • Distance restrictions
  • Or the star rating of the hotels in your area
Often you can even get special mobile deals, which means you can book a room at an even cheaper rate. Expedia does double-duty as well, so use it for airfare or flights when you're on the go. The app is free for Android and iOS platforms.
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Take TripAdvisor's Word on It

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While TripAdvisor will let you know about hotels close to you, its benefits come in a different package. Before you book any hotel, you can pull up your app and read reviews from other guests. If comfort is just as important to you as price, this app will make sure that you're still getting the most bang for your buck—and you can steer clear of unsavory places.

Book It with

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When you need to book an inexpensive room on the go, is a fantastic app. It takes the hassle out of calling the hotels in your area and lets you reserve your room right through your phone. It also provides information on the best deals in your area, plus descriptions and ratings. You can get photos of the hotels, so you can steer clear of any iffy spots. The best part is that the app's free for Windows, Android, and iOS phones.
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Get Last-Minute Hook-Ups with Hotel Tonight

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When you need a hotel room right this minute, Hotel Tonight really says it all, doesn't it? The app does its very best to find the closest possible hotels at the lowest possible prices. You can even get rock-bottom deals on really excellent hotels, which means you won't have to sacrifice quality for cost. It's also entirely free for Android and iPhone users.
Just because you need a hotel room fast doesn't mean you need to pay a fortune for it. What's the best deal you've ever gotten through an app?