What is Bus? Types Of Buses in Computer Organisation

Computer Bus

What is BUS :

The CPU of personal computer has to send and receive various types of information and data to and from all other devices and components inside a computer and to devices connected to outer word of computer.

If we remove the case of CPU then we will see that there is a mesh of wires or electronics pathways connected between motherboard and other components. These are the wires or electronics pathways  that joins various components together to communicate with each other. This network of wires or electronics pathways is known as 'BUS'. Thus BUS is simply a set of wires of lines that connects various components inside a computer.
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Types of Buses:

Mainly, Computer's BUS can be divided into two types :

  • Internal Bus
  • External Bus
Internal Bus: A BUS or set of wires which connects the various components inside a computer, is known as Internal Bus. As it is used for internal communication purposes. It connects various components inside the cabnet, like as CPU, Memory and Motherboard. It is also known as System Bus.
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External Bus: A Bus or set of wires which is used to connect outer peripherals or components to computer , is known as External Bus.It allows different external devices to be connected to computer. It is slower than Internal or System Bus. It is also known as Expansion Bus.