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Top Skills to Get Hired
If you are a Student or an adult looking for a dream job, then this article may be helpful for you. This article can help you to get ready for your dream job. Here, i am going to list the top 5 skills that most companies will look for in their employees in coming year 2013.
Find which technical field will be in more demand in upcoming year and be prepared before to get your job in your favorite field. The top 5 list is provided by ComputerWorld which recently did a survey on Most popular IT companies and asked them for the qualities that they will look for, in an employee for giving him job in 2013. And here are the results of what they replied. The results are not so wonderful. As you can see that in today's world of technology and internet the demand of employers in IT sector is increasing. The companies in IT sector will mostly recruit candidates on the basis of technical knowledge and experience. The list of top 5 qualities that you must have in order to get your job goes as:
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Programmer and Application Development: As we know, now the scope of programmers is increasing. In the survey 60 percent companies are going to hire new developers and programmers in coming year 2013. The survey's results also reveals that Programmers and developers having experience in .Net, J2EE and Java  will have more chances of recruitment than others. Thus programmers in these programming languages have more scope.

Project Management: The next number is for project management. Companies are mostly interested in recruitment in Project Management sector after the Programming and Development. About 40 percent companies plans to hire employees in Project Management.
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Technical Support: This field is also in more demand. As more IT companies are established so they requires more workers for help and support of users. This will be in same demand in coming year. 35 percent companies says that they will hire employees for technical support and help desk in 2013. This job can be very good for you if you have some technical knowledge about the products of the company.Like as Wordpress Theme development companies are jobs for techies who knows about Wordpress and blogging.

Security Experts: Companies are also hiring employees who are security experts in various fields. As more and more people start using computer and internet related services so companies are also demanding security experts to take care of security related issues.27 percent companies said that they are interested in hiring security experts in coming year.
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Statisticians and Analytics: 26 percent companies are giving jobs to statisticians and Analytics in next year. Companies requires well trained and experienced employees to analyze the big data. Companies requires candidates to have some experience in business and management field to get selected for such kind of jobs. Companies said that they requires persons with both good technical and mathematics backgrounds. And some companies are even training the statisticians i.e. giving them technical training.

Cloud Computing Experts: You may wonder on seeing this category in top qualities that companies will look for in candidates. Because this field is not so much famous as others and it was not in top 10 last year. But as companies are investing in cloud computing and giving cloud services to users, so the demand for Cloud Computing Experts also increases. As some new companies established a good business on cloud such as Dropbox and others. Now big tech giants such as Google and Microsoft are also investing in cloud. 25 percent companies said that they are going to give jobs employment to cloud experts next year.
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Virtualization: This one is similar to the above but it even less known as compared to cloud. Most of us are known to cloud computing but very less to Virtualization. 24 percent companies said that they are hiring virtualization experts in coming year 2013. Although experts said that most students and employees are not interested so much in this field and there are not so much experts  so competition will be very less as compared to others.

These are the most interested fields of the companies in which they are going to give jobs in 2013. So these are the most popular skills that you must have if you want to work in IT sector in upcoming year. Hope you will find your dream job and the new year will bring you happiness and fulfill your kind desires.