Enable Installation Of Extensions From Outer Sources, Websites in Chrome

Chrome Extensions
Recently i have written an article about the update in Google's Chrome browser, which disables the installation of an extension or script from outer source other than Official Chrome Web Store. Thus users can     only install and use applications, extensions and games from Official Chrome Web Store. I have given a method by which we can install any required extension, application, Game or script from unknown sources and websites like  Greasemonkey and userscripts.
But that method was time consuming and was not good enough if you are a regular user of unknown scripts and extensions. Here is the other method of adding scripts, extensions from unknown sources :
Install Chrome Extensions From Unknown Sources - Add Extensions and Scripts From Websites Other Than Web Store
          In case if you are developing your own application, extension or game then you have to drag and drop your script file to extensions page of chrome or if you are a regular user of custom scripts and tweaks then you might not happy with that old method. (Link is given above.)
           But don't worry, i am here with a new working method or tweak by which we can bypass this restriction of Chrome browser forever. By using this tweak we can Enable the installation of custom scripts, apps and extensions from unknown sources.The advantage of this method is that we have to do this tweak once and after that, we can enjoy adding scripts, extensions or applications from unknown sources forever.
Lets do the tweak. This tweak is working for Windows. If you are a Mac user or Linux user then you can read the other method of adding scripts to chrome browser.
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How To Enable Installation of Extensions/Apps/Games in Google Chrome :
  • On your desktop, find the Google Chrome shortcut and right click on it. (If You can't find Chrome icon on your desktop then try searching it in start menu's search or in all programs list.)
  • Now go to properties. A new windows will open and you will be on shortcut tab.
  • In front of target, find a long command line pointing to chrome.exe location.
  • Now at the end of the line(after chrome.exe) add a space  and then paste the following:
  •  Now the complete line will look like:
C:\Users\User-Name\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --enable-easy-off-store-extension-install
  • Now restart your browser for the changes to take affect. After restarting your browser you can simply install or add any script, extensions, apps and games from unknown sources.