Pepperfry Review - RS 2500 Free Shopping is not Really Free

Hello Friends, Now-a-days there is a very famous advertisement shown on every webpage that we browse. You may also seen this advertisement on many websites. I am talking about the advertisement of Pepperfry's RS 2500 Off on first sign up. But did you think that its really true?
Let me explain you. Recently i have seen this advertisement on many pages. On seeing this first time i just ignored it but when i see it everywhere then i wanted to know about its truth. So i tried it out and here i am going to tell you what i get.Read on the full review to know more. The real truth about Pepperfry's advertisement of RS 2500 Off is not really true. Its not what its looks like.
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            Anyone, when first see the advertisement, may think that he/she will get free shopping of Rs 2500 when he/she signs up by clicking through the advertisement. But thats not true. Actually, they are not giving you 2500 rupees in your account or cart for shopping, what they do is gives you discount on various products and if you buy these all products only then you will get Rs 2500 discount, but you will not get anything for free. You have to pay the discounted price. Mostly, what prices they offer after discount are the real prices of same products in local market. They just displays more market price to fake users. The other thing is that there is no guarantee the products they sell are original so i suggest you buying any products from their respective official Online or local stores.
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           Following is the picture that shows you actually what you get upon sign up. It shows on which type of products, how much amount of discount you will get.
Pepperfry Scam
Pepperfry Real Discount

So, as you can see in the picture above, they are just making us fool. They are giving us discount of  total amount of Rs 2500 on buying various products. So my suggestion is to never sign up for such offers. All they are doing is collecting your personal information such as email address, your mobile phone number etc. The Mobile phone number and email is compulsory for sign up. Thus if you are going to sign up then you must enter your personal details in order to sign up and get this scam offer.
Hope you find this information useful. Kindly Share it with your friends to let others aware of this scam.You can also read other Security related articles such as Things to Consider When Buying Switches .