Top 10 Windows 7 Features That Are Removed in Windows 8

Features to be removed in Windows 8
Big companies always makes major changes in their software and tools with time to time. As we all know that when Microsoft Launched 'Windows 7', many features of Windows Vista were removed. Here same thing happened again.
In latest Windows 8, Microsoft removed some features of Windows 7. Although, here i can't list all of them as i don't know about all of them, because some changes may be minor so everyone can't detect every single change. Here i will list Top 10 features of Windows 7 that your latest Windows 8 don't have. Some changes are good but it is difficult to adopt some changes. The list goes as:
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Top 10 Features of Windows 7 that are Removed in Windows 8:

  1. Start Menu: Start menu is the main menu where your installed programs, recent programs and controls takes place. Microsoft changed the style of start menu in Windows 7. But unfortunately, your new Windows 8 does not have a start menu at all. So it may be a little difficult to use Windows 8 without a start menu. But Microsoft gives its alternative as 'Metro UI' which lets you use your PC with different Widgets on home screens like a Tablet.
  2. Windows Sidebar: As new Windows 8 have new 'Metro UI', therefore there is no option for having a Sidebar area on your desktop. There is home screen instead of your desktop screen which lets you add some widgets like weather etc.
  3. Windows Explorer: In Windows 8, the basic file manager of Windows 7 i.e. 'Windows Explorer' is not present. It is replaced by 'File Explorer' which have many changes from windows explorer.
  4. Games: As in Windows 8, there is no start menu, there is also no area of games. In Windows 8, Microsoft integrated an App store where games may be treated as Apps.
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  5. Windows Themes: In Windows 8, some themes like Windows Basic and Windows Classic are removed. Now the new 'Metro UI' is present and looks pretty good.
  6. Flip 3D: In Windows 7, when you are using multiple applications or programs then you can switch between them by pressing WinLogo+Tab key. This gives you a graphical detail about each program's window that what is going on there. This feature is called Flip 3D. But in Windows 8 it is removed.
  7. Windows DVD Maker: When using Windows 7, have you ever used 'Windows DVD Maker'? I bet most of you probably not. This is the reason that this pre installed software also removed in windows 8.
  8. Windows Media Player: In Windows 8, you can use Windows Media Player to play basic video files. But you can't play DVDs in Windows Media Player. You can play DVDs in Windows Media Center. Although , Windows Media Center is not pre-installed in Windows 8, you have to purchase Windows Media Center foe Windows 8.
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  9. Blue Screen Error: In Windows 8, the old and ugly Windows Blue Screen is replaced with new error interface with a Sad emotion and some error details.
  10. Parental Controls:  Windows 8's parental controls are much optimized than Windows 7. There are more options in Windows 8.