Digital Communication's Advantages Over Analog Communication

Advantages Of Digital Over Analog Comm.
In Today's developing world, we advances in Communication. As of now, we mostly use digital signals, digital signal processing and the communication is also in digital. Now what does this Digital Communication means? Let us first understand it.
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What is Digital Communication:
      In digital communication, the transmission of information is done in digital form or in encoded form. Means, we encrypt the signal which gives us added security to our information signal being transmitted. The signal is sent from transmitter through a channel to the receiver. Receiver de-crypt the digital signal and produces useful output that is original information signal.
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Advantages of Digital Communication Over Analog Modulation:
           There are many advantages of using Digital Communication over Analog Communication. Some of them are listed as below:
  1. The digital communication has mostly common structure of encoding a signal so devices used are mostly similar.
  2. The Digital Communication's main advantage is that it provides us added security to our information signal.
  3. The digital Communication system has more immunity to noise and external interference.
  4. Digital information can be saved and retrieved when necessary while it is not possible in analog.
  5. Digital Communication is cheaper than Analog Communication.
  6. The configuring process of digital communication system is simple as compared to analog communication system. Although, they are complex.
  7. In Digital Communication System, the error correction and detection techniques can be implemented easily.