How to Get the New Facebook Timeline Profile

facebook Timeline
Facebook Timeline
As many of you may already know of Facebook Timeline. Soem people appericiate
it while many hates it. This is a new feature so everyone should try it out. We can't say
in straight words that its not good.
If you are not familiar with this feature, let us know a little about this new feature which attracted
attention of many people.Here you'll find a simple way to enjoy new timeline. This is a step by step tutorial on getting  facebook Timeline.
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What is Facebook Timeline:
The Facebook timeline is a feature which displays your news feed in acsending order from your birth.
Although if you are an old user of facebook then its hard to find birth or joined date in timeline.
If you enabled this feature all your shares or other activities will be displayed in an order with groups.If you
want to learn more...keep reading when you'll try it you'll obviously find what the hell is this.

Now let us goto procedure for getting timeline for your Facebook profile.
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1.  Goto Facebook and login with your details. Now you'll see your news feed, keep this page open.
2.  Now goto this page Facebook Timeline.At this page you'll find a button at the right bottom saying "Get Timeline".Click on this button.
3.  Now your profile will open with having timeline enabled.
4.  Click on update and you'll redirected to profile page where you can add and edit your profile information.
5.  When you fill all information correctly, click on Done.
6.  Now click on your profile button on right top with About tab.
7. You may interested in adding your cover picture to your timeline. To do this
click on Add Cover and choose choose from album if you want to set cover photo from old pictures saved in your albums and if you want to Upload a new photo then choose Upload and select a cover photo.
8.  Now click on the publish button on the Right Top of page. You can also click on Start tour if you want to take a little look about basic features.
9.  That's all. Now you have new Timeline. You can see a message at the top page saying "Your timeline is now live!".
Enjoy this new timeline and comment here what you likes in it and what you don't.

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