Google is Offering Free WiFi For Google Plus And Youtube in India

Google Plus
Google Offers Free WiFi For G+
Google recently launched it's Social Network : "Google Plus", which is the most searched hot topic on the internet. It becomes very popular and reports showed that , Google Plus got such traffic in just two weeks, which Facebook and twitter took two years to get. Now Facebook is also doing some changes to give a new social experience to its users. MySpace launched MySpace TV, Which is further step to move social networking to T.V.
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No doubt, the developers of Google plus is also updating UI and fixing bugs. The point to be noted is that Google Plus got too much Users, while it is in its beta version. Think, what it can do when it'll have stable release. Now to make Google Plus even more popular, Google offers free WiFi for browsing Google Plus and Youtube. However there are some limits for youtube, that a user can browse YouTube only for 10 minutes in a week, while Google Plus browsing is unlimited.
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Google tied up with an Indian company which Offers WiFi services in India, named "O-Zone". The company launches these services for nest three months, but company's CEO said that they are hoping to have a long time contract with Google India. With this contract , Users can browse Google Plus for unlimited time and YouTube for 10 minutes a week for free. If user want to surf other sites then he have to buy a plan. These services works with every WiFi supported gadgets, like Mobile Phones, Tablets and Laptops etc.

So congratulations to all Indian Users. Now browse Google Plus on your Gadgets For Free...