MySpace Launched MySpace TV | Social Networking is Going To Change

Myspace TV
In the starting of this new year, all big companies are planning to do a lot. for example Microsoft and Yahoo tied up and claiming that they will defeat the Search Giant "Google" (Which as everyone knows, is impossible). Also social networking also going to change and in this year it's not Google, Microsoft , Facebook or Apple , who is changing the game. It is Myspace.
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Yes, MySpace going to launch MySpace TV this year. They will start it with Music and then will add Movies, Serials etc. This Spring, they are going to launch MySpace Web TV.

You can view this Television on your Laptop, Tablet , Mobile Phone and on Web TV. For this launch, MySpace tied up with Panasonic. MySpace TV available on VIERA Connect  with which some Panasonic TV can have access to Web. With this Web TV feature of MySpace you can also share and comment on your favorite T.V. Shows.
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This TV Feature launched in the presence of CEO Tim and Co-Owner of MySpace: Timberlake. The Co-Owner Justin Timberlake at the launch explained," We are willing, on the television and entertainment to the next step in the modernization of the social networking experience."
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The Web TV will start work after approximately six months. First, the TV will be launched only for Music and can be accessed through Music category of MySpace. After that, they will also add more T.V. Shows, Serials etc. So its very amazing to see, what this new feature can do with social networking. It looks a little strange, because after a lot of time "Myspace done this change, not facebook, not Google plus. Now it will be very interesting to see that 'Will MySpace take over Facebook and Google Plus by this new feature or not?'

          You can visit MySpace TV page to know more about it.