Merits and Demerits of Adding Facebook Comments to Your Blog or Website

Facebook Comments

This article is for both Wordpress and Blogger users. You may know about Facebook Comments, This is a service provided by facebook which helps any Blog owner to view facebook comments on his blog. By Integrating facebook comments, you readers can post a comment with their facebook profile. Many websites and blogs has integrated facebook comments. And if you are a blogger or a website owner then you may also want to add them. Adding facebook comments is a very easy job. You can read this article, if you want to integrate them to your blog:
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But before adding them, you must know about the Advantages and Dis-Advantages of integrating them to your blog. Following is the list of some of them:

Advantages : The merits of adding facebook comments to your Blog are given as:
  1. Less Spam: As a blogger, you may know that spamming is a very big problem, there is a lot of bots and also human beings who does spam comments and it takes too much time to delete them. So to get rid of that Integrating facebook comments is a good idea. Because when a user do a comment with his/her facebook profile, he identify his information and thus there are less chances of spam when using facebook comments.
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  2. Gives Credits to Your Blog/Site: In default comment boxes provided by CMS's there is an option of Anonymous, and one other that is filling name and email. Now if user chooses Anonymous, that is too bad for your blog, because user is free to comment anything. And if user chooses Name/Email, then in wordpress he can use one email with different names. Now if other visitor reads your article, these comments looks like spam and fails to get credits. But when user comment via facebook, as he is a verified user, thus increases the credits of your blog. Now another visitor thinks that comment is genuine. 
  3. Increases Comments: In the World of internet, people don't want to share their personal information like emails etc, because they are afraid of spam, they knows if they do so then more spam emails come to their inbox. Therefore they don't want to comment by using their email.Name. which is the most common option in all CMS's. But when commenting by using facebook profile, they don't have to share their email and any other personal information. Thus when using facebook comments they have no such fears and this will increase the number of comments as well as commentors.
Dis-Advantages : The de-merits of integrating facebook comments to your blog are given below:
  1. Decrease Your Pagerank: Yes, this is the main dis-advantage of using facebook comments. This may decrease your pagerank, your search engine listing and may affect your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) badly. This is a verified drawback. Many experts analysis that facebook comments are not added by Google, thus search bots of search engines doesn't crawl facebook comments. While the default comments of your blog are crawled by Search Engines. Thus adding Facebook comments may do harmful damage to your SEO.
  2. May Annoy Users: This is an another fact that you may never think about. Adding facebook comments can also annoy your users and readers and may cause them to not commenting on your blog. Because most commenters or readers wants a fast service. In default comment box of Wordpress or Blogger blogs, user have to enter his Name/Email and comment and he can submit by just pressing enter and his comment will be posted. But in facebook comments, user first have to login to his/her facebook account and then he can do a comment, which is very time consuming task. Also, some users don't want to share their facebook profile on internet, So your users may don't want to comment on your blog.
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  3. Your old Comments Will not be showed: This is an other drawback. If you have a popular blog or your blog have many comments, then it is very bad for you, if you migrate to facebook comments. Because you will lost your old comments and users. This is also a time consuming job.
  4. The Integration will provide more benefits to Facebook instead of your Blog or Website.