Top 5 Firefox Addons For Webmasters and Bloggers | Must Check It

FireFox Addons for Bloggers
Firefox Addons
You may read  Google Chrome's Top Extensions For Webmasters 
 on Wiki For You. In that article you will find some useful Google Chrome Extensions for Webmasters. This one is also similar to that. Here you will find best Mozilla Firefox's Addons for Bloggers and Webmasters. These can be very helpful for you, if you are a webmaster or a website owner and with the help of them you can do your work too fast.
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            Before the launch of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox was the best and most used web-browser for computers. After Google Chrome's release, the popularity and users of Mozilla Firefox decreased rapidly. Now they (Mozilla) realized their mistake and launching their new versions one after one. Now Mozilla Firefox 9 is static version that is available for download from official Mozilla's website.

            But there are still, many of us uses Mozilla Firefox for web browsing. This article is for them. If you are a blogger or a webmaster and you are using Firfox daily and a fan of it. Then you can enjoy some more features of power blogging without  switching to any other browser. Below is the list of best Add ons that can be helpful for you :
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  • Brief-Read Feeds
This is a Feed Read Addon. This is helpful for reading new technology news, latest articles from other sites and feeds. This Addon provides some very good features, some of which are:
  1. It highlights unread Feeds. 
  2. You can bookmark and tag feeds.
  3. This also provides a search option for quickly accessing your feeds.
  4. It supports keyboard shortcuts, which makes your work even faster.
  5. It update feeds in background and provides you full control on how often it will updated.

  • Customize Google
As the name suggests it provides customization to Google search results. This provides some awesome features for you when using Google. That are:
  1. Google Word Suggestions.
  2. Secure browsing for Gmail and Google Calender etc.
  3. In Google Images Search, it changes all image links to direct image links. This feature is very good and most useful.
  4. In search results, Show Favi-icons of sites.
  5. Shows filtered results from spam links etc.
  6. Block Advertisements.
  7. And much more...

  • DownThemAll :
 It is also known as DTA. This is also very useful add on. It lets you download whole images of a webpage with a single click. According to its developers, it increases the download speed by 400%. This also provides some other capabilities such as , Download pause, resume etc. This is very powerful download manager for Firefox that available for free.

  • Gmail Manager: 
Most of you may already know about it. Don't you know ? OK....Actually this is a powerful add on which provides you features of accessing your Gmail Inbox messages directly from your need to sign in again and again. And other good thing is that it doesn't allow you only one account, instead, you can add a number of accounts without logging out from one. This provides you real multi-tasking while you are blogging. You can read your emails alongside browsing internet. There is also a good feature of quick replying.

  • SEO Quake
This is most famous analyzing add on for Search Engine Optimization. This Addon is available for most browsers. This is available for Firefox, Google Chrome as well as for Opera. Now it is also available for Apple Safari. This is a handy tool for analyzing your website's SEO. I tells you how good your website is in SEO. This provides some special features like: Google Pagerank, Alexa Rank and Keyword Density etc. It also lets you find which word comes how many times in a web page.