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If you are a tech guy and Do some tips , tricks on your phone, then you obviously should know the secret codes of Your Mobile Phone. Here i am providing some Secret Codes for Sony Ericsson Mobiles. With these codes you can know much more about your Phone.
*#06#      ---     To Check the IMEI number or Serial Number.
>*<<*<* ----   To goto in the Secret Menu.(This menu gives us the details like Software version and other  
0 and #     ---   To See the Last Dialed Numbers.
<0000>    ---   Set Default Language and Theme.
<**<        ---   Displays Network Info. (Also SIM Lock)

 **04*0000*0000*0000# followed by on ‘Wrong Pin’ number - To Start Phone Without SIM Card.
904059 + > --  Will Start Phone Test. 
3 + <          ---  Will End Phone Test

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