How to Request Your Friend or Family Member For Balance in Vodafone | Wiki For You

In our daily life, We usually do recharges for our Mobile Phones. But if you are went in such a place where there is no Shop nearby to recharge your Phone or Sometimes if you emergency in need of a recharge, but your friend  can't goto Market, at that time you certainly in need of this trick. This is even a service from Vodafone. In this your friend or family member can send you recharge from his Mobile No. on your request.
To make a request You should do the following:

*132*<Amount of Recharge>*<Friend or Family Member's number>#

 For Example: *132*<20>*<9045200005>#

This is absolutely free to both you and Receiver (Your Friend).
Then your Friend have to do same from his Mobile Number that is:
*132*<Amount of Recharge>*<Your No.>#
Thats it.
This service is only available for Vodafone to Vodafone.
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