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Here are some of basic Secret codes by using which you can do more with your nokia phone. Just read them and give them a try.
 Nokia Secret Codes:

*#06# -                        To check IMEI Number or Serial Number.
*#0000# -                    To Check the OS Version and Model.
*#7780# -                    To Restore all Settings to Default. (Soft Format)

*#7370# -                    To Restore and Format. (Hard Format)

                                    Format your Phone if it shows any errors or running slowly.                                    about How to do Hard and Soft Format.
*#92702689# -           Display a Menu Which tells us:
                                   Serial No.
                                   Manufactured Date
                                   Purchased Date
                                   Total Call Timer. (This may not work on new Phones).
*#2820# -                   Bluetooth Device Details
*#746025625# -        Tells about SIM Clock Status.
*#62209526# -          Tells the Wireless MAC Address.
#pw+1234567890+1# - Displays SIM Restrictions. (pw can be typed by two and three time pressing  
                                      * Button.
*#3370# -                   Activate EFR (Enhanced full rate). This will increase signal and also will
                                   increase the GPRS or WAP Speed. But it consumes more battery.
*#3370* -                  EFR (Enhanced Full Rate Codec) Deactivation. Phone will Restart and Will
                                  consume very low battery power.
*#4720# -                  Activate Half Enhanced Rate.
*#4720* -                  De-Activate Half Enhanced Rate.
*#7370925538* -      Will Reset your Wallet Password. Your all data will lost.
*#3925538# -            Will Erase your all Wallet Data.
*#7328748263373738# - Will Reset your Security Code to 123456 (Default).
Long Pressing Zero will open Wap Browser.
Thanks and Enjoy.............!!!
 I will Update these codes as i get any new one. If any code is not working for you, then kindly tell us by comments,we will help you.

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