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 When you download any application from internet, sometime this will shows a warning like: This App. is not from a trusted Supplier or this is a unsigned App. So you can Convert these type of Applications for free and use them Safely. I am going to tell you about a Software for Windows that can do this thing. The Software is Martik SIS Signer.
You can download This Software for free from link given below:

Download SIS Signer

1. Launch SIS Signer.
2. Browse for KEY File, CER File and SIS File (Application that you want to Sign).
3. Then Click on Sign.
  How to get CER and Key Files:
1. Register on This Website .(Don't Worry its Free)

2. Now goto your A/C (Account).
3. Click on My Certificate. 
4. Now click on Apply Certification.
5. Fill your Details and Thats All.
You can Download your CER and KEY File from your Account.To do this:
1.To get .CER File Click on CER ,When you login.
2. To Download KEY File,Click on KEY.
Now you are ready.......
Sign your Unsinged Games & Apps. For Free!

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