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In Past Time One of my friend was assembled a new PC With Dual Core Processor,2GB RAM and 320 GB Hard Disk. We hope that PC Will Run so fast, But After some days, we see a warning that is blue screen. I think that this can be terminated by reinstalling windows,so we reinstalled Windows 4 times, But there is no change and Blue Screen Error was coming continuously. Then we reported that to assembler, He Solve the problem,but this error left a big question mark on mind that why this error is coming and how we can get rid of that. Then i have researched so much and found some solutions that can solve this error.Any Virus, Malware, Spyware,Registry or Hardware Problem may the cause of this error. If you too are forcing this error, then try following tips:
Solution No. 1 :
1. When you see blue screen error, just restart your computer and press F8 Key. Now select Safe Mode.
2. Now Windows will load files to boot in safe mode. Sometimes this process will pause this is because some .sys files fail to load.See That converting carefully and note which last file was fail to boot. Now do a search on google of that filename and find which driver was fail to load, Now reinstall That driver.

Solution No. 2:

1. If you can't find any file in above method then you can search for hardware conflicts. To do that go to : Control Penal-> System->Device Manager.
Right Click on My Computer-> Properties->Hardware-> Click on Device Manager-> Check all Hardware and Note which of them have a yellow icon.
2. Now insert your Motherboard Driver's CD and Right Click Click on that driver->Update Driver.
Now your driver will be updated.
Solution No. 3
If you can't find any yellow colored Icon then try this method:
1. Run your Computer in Safe Mode by the method given above.
2. Now run a full System Scan from your Antivirus Program. At this time Antivirus will detect Virus Safely.

Solution No. 4:
 If you can't find any virus or spyware then last solution is to check your Windows Registry For Errors.For this you can Run a Free Registry Cleaner.
Download Little Registry Cleaner

If none of Above is Working For You,It means your Motherboard or other Hardware is at high risk,Contact any Computer Assembler to check your Hardware.

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