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In Windows, If you have more than one account or have set a password for your account, then at the user account's screen (where you select a user and type your password) you can see "Turn Off your Computer" icon at bottom of that screen. That button is to shut down your computer immediately and there is no bad thing in it. But if you just put your computer on stand by and at that time,somebody( Specialy Children) can Turn off your Computer from that button and you will lost all your work. So to avoid these cases you can try the following steps to remove that button:

1. Goto Control Panel (Click on Start->Control Panel)
2.  Click on Performance and Maintance.
3. In Pick a Task,Click on Administrative tools.
4. Now in Administrative tools,double click on local Security Policy.
5. In left pane, double click on Local Policies.
6. Now single click on Security Options.
7. In right side,find : "Shutdown:Allow system to shut down without having to log on"
That will be at the end,Double click on it and Select Disabled and Click OK.
That's All.
Thanks & Enjoy...............!!!!
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