Using Google’s Evolving Algorithm To Optimize SEO Of Different Brands

Technological innovations are moving forward with various types of ideas constantly popping up in the world of SEO Industry. When it comes to SEO, there are a lot of other things that are evolving, like voice search. With the introduction of voice assistants like Apple’s Sir, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s own Google Assistant, people are now doing more searches by physically speaking to their devices, for information. Therefore, let’s see how can we optimize SEO.
Optimizing Voice Searches
Nowadays, most people are searching for local businesses with the help of voice. Therefore, the SEO experts, content writers, business owners and webmasters need to make sure that, they are creating content in accordance with the with the type of questions people are asking through these voice searches. In other words, your website should have to include all the right words, that are helpful towards search engines, in order to get more detailed results. SEO results can be affected by everything, including heading and subheadings.
Give Importance To Mobile
With the help of mobile first indexing, Google is trying to adapt to the evolution of SEO. Google has already announced that it will be first looking at the mobile version of a website, before the desktop version, in order to decide how well the website be ranked and indexed. There are many web designers out there, who make a website, without planning how well the mobile version will look. This not only includes smartphones but also tablets as well. Therefore, it is very much important that a webmaster should provide with a website that is not only user-friendly but also mobile ready as well.

Apart from that, the speed of the mobile site is also very important as well. It helps in ranking and indexing the website first in the Google search results. Mobile websites that take more time to load, will be ranked below on Google Search results.
Google, in the past times, have used various backlinks and content to be as the primary factor in order to decide the rankings of a particular website. But, now Google is using an AI  or Artificial Intelligence, called Rank Brain. It helps to decide how websites should be ranked based on the number of visitors that visit the website, how many visitors leave the website and how long they stay on the website. Google also tries to look at how many times the brand of a company is mentioned as well, without having any kind of backlink. Therefore, mentioning of brand names is becoming more important in SEO algorithms.

Change Guest Posts Intentions
In the earlier days, guest posts are used on various third-party websites are used to gain much more backlinks, and thus improve SEO as well. But now, guest posts are on Google's radar, and it will not be making the same impact as before. It is always recommended to have a "no follow" tag on the guest posts links. Thus Google will not be counting the link, and no SEO will be enhanced. It is made for the purpose that guest posts should only be made for the sake of it, and not making to improve the SEO results of the website.

Still, Google is making constant changes and also testing as much as possible. Therefore, it will be very interesting to see what changes will they make as the year goes along, from an SEO standpoint.