Best Online File Converters

A reliable file converter is always needed when you want to especially convert hundreds of various types of images and documents. Not only that, you will also be needing the best converter, that comes with all the necessary qualities and features. This will ensure that you will be getting a very trouble-free and almost very quick conversion as well.

The main problem that users tend to face, when they try to convert images on websites that are not at all reliable, the images tend to lose their overall quality. Therefore, not only the user gets a downgraded image, but also wastes his or her time in the process as well. Things like these will definitely leave the users unhappy, as well as dissatisfied too.

Therefore, today in this article, we’re going to talking about as a great option for doing all kinds of image and document conversion. We will also be talking about its competitors along with its key features as well.

What Is OnlineCovertFree?
OnlineConvertFree is mainly a conversion website, that provides all of its users' very magnificent features, that will fully enable them to convert any kind of file into their choices that they have. One can easily convert files such JPG to PNG, PDF to PNG, TIFF to PDF, PNG to ICO, PNG to JPG, etc. Therefore, this online website gives its users a very huge list of options for conversion, so that users don't have to search the net for converting files.  The conversion process is very much fast and agile and only take a few minutes as well. You can also convert any kind of image, to and from BMP, PNG, JPEG and even GIFs.

What Are Its Key Features?
Some of the key features of OnlineCovertFree are as follows :
  • The interface is very much simple and intuitive.
  • One can easily add files by selecting or dragging the required files into the website.
  • The user has the option to select any kind of their own desired format for output.
  • Users will be getting a high quality and a conversion which is lossless.
  • There is also document conversion as well, with HTML and PDF converters.
Which Are Its Competitors?
Some of the competitors for OnlineConvertFree are :
    • Zamzar : This is one kind of file converter which supports more than 1200 formats. It has options for eBook, images, documents, video, etc.
    • Online-Convert : This is also a great platform that will allow you to convert a variety of file formats. But before you proceed, you should make sure that the format is supported.
    • Convert.Files : This is also a simple conversion website, that will provide you with several kinds of input and output options. You will have the to review all the supported formats. You can just browse for your file, or just insert the URL, and after selecting your desired format, you’re all set. It will have formats for images, document, video, drawing, audio, etc.
  • Convertio : Converting files is done very quickly in Covertio. One can easily convert files from an URL, or computer, or Dropbox or even Google Drive as well. Convertio also lets you convert multiple files at once too.
  • FileZigZag : FileZigZag is an email-based file converter. It supports video, images, audio, documents, etc. You can upload your file, and select the output format and then enter their email address. The user will receive a link in their email, containing the converted file, which they can obtain by visiting that link.
Therefore, it can be easily seen that with so many options in the market nowadays, it is pretty easy for users to select an option for their usage. Each of the above file converters has their own unique features, so it is always recommended to choose the one which suits your usage in the best way possible.