Windows Voice Recognition - Make Computer Respond to Your Voice

Speech Recognition
Talk To Your Computer
Windows Speech Recognition is a nice feature that comes pre installed in Windows. Most of Windows users are not familiar with this aspect. Microsoft provided this feature for people who cannot use mouse or keyboard with full efficiency or who don't want to use keyboard and mouse anymore. This gives much ease of using your computer. You can make your computer respond to your voice commands as a robot like in Iron Man :). In this tutorial, we will be using pre-installed windows software so you don't have to download some third party software to make your computer respond to your speech.
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All you need to do is attach a high quality microphone to PC and set up Speech Recognition in your Windows Computer and that is all. Then your computer will respond to your voice and you will not need to use Keyboard and Mouse. This is very helpful for people with disabilities. Although, it take some time to master the Speech Recognition as with time, you will learn how computer responds to your voice and soon you will master this feature. In starting, you may get some variations in accuracy. To minimize the chances of errors, you should train your computer to understand you.
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Following is the simple tutorial to attain this.

How to Make Your Computer Respond To Your Voice

  • First of all, get good quality headphones. As headphones will effect the quality of sound and affects the understand of computer.
  • Now set up your microphone. For this go to Control Panel > Ease Of Access >Speech Recognition and then click on set up microphone. Follow the on screen instructions and set up your microphone.
  • Now take a tutorial to teach yourself how speech recognition works.
  • For this, Go to Control Panel > Ease Of Access > Speech Recognition >Take Speech Tutorial.
  • Now train your computer to better understand you. Go to Control Panel > Ease Of Access > Speech Recognition > Train Your Computer Better Understand You.
That is all. From now on, your computer will be performing what you say to it. No need of Keyboard and Mouse any more. Enjoy Computing like a Pro. Please note that Speech recognition is accessible only in English, French, Spanish, In German, Japanese people, Simple China, and Traditional China.