Virtual Reality: The Next Generation of Consoles

Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber has had his fair share of video game tie-ins over his relatively short career; not only did he surprise fans for an impromptu launch of Just Dance 4 last year but he also made a digital cameo in sports title NBA2K13.
Given his reported backstage antics recently it likely that Justin enjoys a game or two, and with the kind of dollars he brings in there’s no doubt he can afford all the latest tech as soon as it’s released.
But how will the current Prince of Pop react to the new crop of consoles heading our way in the next two years? No doubt he’ll own them all along with every game and accessory you can buy, keeping his friends entertained while he performs.
The Nintendo Wii U has already been out since Christmas, and although sales so far have been disappointing for the video games veteran Bieber may find a use for the tablet-like controllers. The 16cm touchscreen allows gamers to take the action with them if someone else needs the TV, something Justin’s mum will surely be happy about.
Microsoft are rumoured to be focusing on motion-sensing Kinect technology with their follow-up to the Xbox, introducing cameras which track even the slightest movement. This could help the precocious popster with his moves, which some say are ‘inspired’ by his namesake Timberlake. Perhaps an online hook-up of Just Dance 5 will prove whether the student has become the master?
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Finally, Sony insiders have expressed desires to make Super-HD and 3D gaming a reality on their next console. Bieber loves 3D so much he did his entire world tour in it, although I had trouble understanding this as every gig I’ve ever attended to has been in 3D. Confused? Beliebe me, I was.
So there you have it, three ways that Justin Bieber can enjoy the next generation of consoles. You heard it here first!
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