Basic Structure of the Modern Mobile Technological Framework

Computing and communication have been the major areas which have seen the dawn of technological evolution. With the mighty minds making innovations each day it becomes imperative of the companies to include better features into the reckoning for serving us better. Mobile phone technology has been one such field which effectively combines the basics of communication with the options of computing. The technology has evolved over the ages and has made the humans crave for more. Several facets are included which mentions the aspects of this technological wonder ranging from the platform to the displays. Mobile telephony has thus evolved from the days of captivated thoughts and has taken an entire new form to impress the plethora of viewers worldwide.
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Mobile Technological Framework
Modern Mobile Technological Framework
Learning about the Platforms
Every device having the basic intelligence requires a platform or rather an operating system to function. Mobile computing requires certain effective operating systems highly compatible to their mode of functioning. OS for a mobile is highly different than that of a PC as the displays are much smaller and the navigation buttons are also minute n nature. Over the year the software has seen gradual development from Symbian to android presenting the viewers with an option to experiment with the device in hand. 
The evolution of android though started long back took time to settle into a groove and make for the most widespread OS for the mobile phones. While Symbian allowed the users to interact with the device using applications and other options, android has taken the experience to a different level with the highly interactive and useful apps. Google store provide applications which are of high importance and the android made a journey from eclair to the jelly bean version quite seamlessly.
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After captivating the world market, Microsoft collaborated with Nokia to incorporate windows into the scheme of mobile telephony. This has made the scrolling easy letting the novice users enjoy the mobile experience. The interface used here is also interactive and slowly but steadily more apps are being included into the scheme of thing.
Blackberry 10 came as a surprise as it took the BBM or the blackberry messenger to a whole different level. This made the blackberry devices score high and an apt competition to the android variants. With android making inroads in the international market owing to its open source option and collaboration with many brands including nexus and Samsung, Apple has slowly made its presence felt with the iOS 6 and the latest iOS 7 in the pipeline. These have freed themselves off the Google collaboration and have developed individual applications to suit the user needs perfectly.
Magnificent Displays
Mobile phones have grown in stature and the size has reduced to minute dimensions. The displays have been converted and added well including the rich Amoled experience in the recent development. The CMOS sensor included in the newer devices have taken the mobile technology to a whole new level. Further improvements which are to be included happen to be the bendable displays combining Amoled with thinner films to provide enhanced viewing and advanced navigation experience.
We can thus conclude that the interfacing and the OS involved make the core of the cell phone technology taking it to all new pinnacles. Advancements are thought of everyday to make the technology more interactive and highly flexible.