How to Use Twitter for SEO Purpose

Social media marketing plays a vital role in business market. There are various networking sites available now days in which twitter is the largest microblogging site on the World Wide Web. Twitter is significantly used for SEO purpose, which enhance the search engine results and brings more visitors to the website. For different search engines, there is a different optimization used.
How can we use twitter for search engine optimization? Here are few simple steps which you can follow for twitter marketing.
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1.      Name the Twitter Profile Related to the Product
The very first step in using twitter for SEO activity is to create a profile with the name relating to any of your product and also easier to remember. After signing up for a twitter account, you need to update it everyday and time to time without fails with good sort of content. You can be always open for conversations, respond to comments and queries and interact with other members. You can add contacts to your list; it’s all about focusing on building relationships. So, keeping in mind about this criterion, you can connect with potential customers and can also build up contacts from other social media sites such as MySpace, face book and LinkedIn.
2.      Make the Nickname part of your Twitter URL
Now, you can make your account settings in such a way that your nickname can become a part of the twitter URL. Website address can be added in the account settings, so that people can tend to visit your website directly. You can always tweet with high-rich keywords and can publish images. You can also insert back links which redirects the users back to your website which in turn brings you a good scope of traffic to the site. There are certain URL shorteners available online through which you can share the links by making them short.
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3.      Tweet Unique, Genuine and Quality Content
The foremost thing to keep in mind is that twitter is all about tweeting. So, quality content should be shared with which the right audiences are targeted. It’s better to add a twitter option on your website and also to the blogs which gets uploaded so that the people who follow you will engage in various activities of yours and also try to attract more and more people to your site. It’s good to respond to the people who are following you and also to whom you follow. Whenever they tweet and shares any link then retweet it. With this kind of Retweeting posts there will be building of relationships and with that build in your brands.
4.      Know about your Followers
Always keep the note of people who are following and try to follow people who can become the prospects for future. Keep a note of what your follower’s need, the way they are tweeting and responding to your tweets, the queries asked and the other comments on your posts. Bring up unique answers for their questions and create content as answers to those queries. Make the conversation interactive and effective so that they always tend to read what you share and publish.