Google Images Added a New Feature of Related Searches to Help You Find Out The Desired Images

Related Seaches
New Google Images Interface

What is 'Related Searches' Feature in Google Images:

Google Images team, recently launched a new feature called 'Related Searches'. This feature can be very helpful for Googlers who searches for the images on Google Images. Almost all Blogger use Google Images to find the corresponding photos and images to add to their blog posts and articles. Now, Google made this more faster and simple for them to search for the images of specific topic and then choose the good ones for the use.
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           This new feature is enabled by default for all users of Google Images. Now when anyone searches for a topic on Google Images then he/she can see the related searches or search suggestions on the top of image results. This is same as search suggestions but has a special feature of previewing images of a specific search term. The suggestions are similar to your search and helps you to refine your search to more specific topic. When you hover your mouse cursor over any of the Related Searches then you can see the images results of these topics in a horizontal box which previews images. With the help of these instant previews you can quickly see and choose the one picture that suits your topic and then can use that one.
            On the other hand if you just browsing the images by searching for a name such as 'Punjab' then you can see Related Searches for 'Punjab Maps', 'Punjab India', 'Punjab Land' etc. Thus you can search being more specific about the topic. Thus it helps to explore the images of the different related topics from the internet. It is very good feature for refining search.
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How to use Related Searches:

Below are the simple steps by following which you can make use of this new feature of Google Images.
  • Go to Google Images site and search for any topic.
  • When you hit the enter, you will see some search suggestions on the top of the image results. These are the related searches.
  • Hover your mouse cursor on any related searches term and you will see the previews of the images results of that specific search in the horizontal box.
  • You can see and select the desired picture more faster by using this method.
Hope you will enjoy this feature. Please tell us how you feel about this feature by doing comments.