How To Speed Up Your Computer by Clearing RAM (Using Notepad)

Speed Up Your Computer
In this tutorial, you will learn how you can clear temporary data from your RAM to boost up your computer speed. Before going to procedure lets first have a look at basic introduction to Computer RAM.
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What is RAM ?

As you may know that Computer has a primary memory.
Which is then divided into two Memories i.e. RAM and ROM. RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory. RAM is used to store temporary data i.e. data that saved during execution of a program. RAM is a volatile memory that is the data saved in RAM is mostly deleted when you turn Off your computer. But in case you manually need to clear your memory then you can use this simple trick to clear your RAM and can see the difference in your computer performance. You need to clear your memory when sometimes you see warnings such as 'Your PC is running on virtual memory'.In such cases it is a good practice to clear your RAM.
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How to Clear RAM?

To clear the RAM of your computer, you need to follow following steps:
  • Open Notepad. Paste following :
  • The above is for users who have 1 GB RAM. If you have 2 GB RAM then change 1024 to 2048 and if you have 512 MB then you have to change 1024 to 512.
  • Now save that file with .vbs extension. You can give any file name and can save it in any folder or directory. 
  • Now whenever you want to clean your RAM then Run this file and that's all.