Introduction To Microcontroller 8051 and Main Features of Microcontroller 8051

Microcontroller 8051
Intel designed Micro controller 8051 in 1980. It was an 8 bit Micro controller. It includes some standard on chip peripherals , timers, counters and UART's (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter).
This Micro controller have 4 Killo bytes on chip ROM that is program memory and 128 bytes of data memory. It is most popular Micro controller used in Embedded Systems.
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Features of Microcontroller 8051:

Following are the main features of Micro controller 8051 which makes it most efficient Microcontroller chip:
  • It Includes Boolean Processing Engine. Thus internal registers and RAM can carry Boolean logic operations directly and efficiently.
  • It gives us many functions in a single chip. (For example: CPU,RAM,ROM,I/O, Interrupt, Timer etc)
  • It have 8 bit Data bus.
  • It have 8 bit Stack Pointer.
  • It have 16 bit Program Counter.
  • It have 16 bit address bus which can access almost 65,536 memory locations.
  • Data memory or RAM of 128 bytes.(On-Chip).
  • Program Memory or ROM of 4 KB.(On Chip).
  • Bi-Directional I/O port of 4 bytes.
  • It has 4 separate Register Sets.
  • Serial Port or UART.
  • It features Power Saving Mode which saves power.
  • Two Timers/Counters each of 16 bit.
  • Internal and External Interrupt Sources.
  • 2 level interrupt priority.
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