What is Difference Between Microcontroller And Microprocessor

Microcontroller And Microprocessor
Microcontroller vs Microprocessor
The terms Microcontroller And Microprocessor are mostly used to point a processing device. One Personal Computer consists of both. Here are some technical differences between both of them. The Microcontroller And Microprocessor are two different electronics integrated Circuit based devices.
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Following is a little explanation to both with main key differences:

Difference Between Microcontroller And Microprocessor:

Microprocessor :Microprocessor is the heart of any processing device. Its a basic building block of modern processors and controllers. Its a register based multi-purpose electronics device which takes input from us, process that input data according to the program written in external memory and gives us useful results. This device is only consists of processing unit, that is Memory and I/O devices are need to be connected externally. As it requires external memory and I/O devices so it requires large space and is larger in size. It is of no use without interfacing with external memory and I/O ports.

Microcontroller : Microcontroller is also like a Microprocessor except that a Microcontroller made by Integrating Memory and I/O ports on a single chip. It doesn't requires external ROM, I/O ports for its operation. As memory such as ROM/RAM is integrated on a single IC chip, thus it is small in size. It is basically used for controlling various machines. Programming of both Microcontroller And Microprocessor is almost similar.
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Above are main differences between Microcontroller And Microprocessor. If you know any other that are not listed here, Kindly let us know via comments.

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