How to Hide Files or Folders in Windows 7

Hide File Folder
Hide Files & Folders in Windows 7
Sometimes, it is necessary for you to hide some specific folders or files in your Computer's hard disk. Some files needs some privacy. So if you want to do not let others see your important or personal files and folders  then there is a good option to do this in Windows.
If you are using Windows operating system then you can read this tutorial and implement it on your own computer to hide any important files or folders.
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               Actually this is a basic feature of Windows so do not assume it as a fully safe method as any person who have knowledge of Windows basic features can still find your files by doing a little work. But still, this method is very good to hide some data, as everyone (may be your friend, competitor or family member) will not always check your computer for hidden files. If you showed a folder that does not have that specific data then most probably they'll agree that you deleted it.
              So lets get started, follow the steps given below to hide any folder or file in Windows 7. The steps given are for Windows 7 only, but they may be similar to other Windows Versions.
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How To Hide a File or Folder in Windows :

  • First of all, Go to the folder or directory where that specific file or folder is present.
  • Now at the top-left of the windows, find a drop-down menu saying: Organize.
  • Click on it, then click on 'Folder and Search Option'.
  • Now switch to 'View' tab.
  • In advanced settings box, under the menu 'Hidden Files and Folders', make sure that 'Don't Show hidden, files, folders or drives'.
  • Now we have instructed windows explorer to not display hidden files and folders.  Now we have to hide that specific file or folder.
  • Right Click on the File or Folder that you want to hide.
  • Click on properties.
  • In Attributes, check the hidden box.
  • Click on Apply and then OK. Now a pop may ask you that you want to apply changes to folder only or to all files and folders present in that folder. Choose your desired option and that's all.
Now you have successfully hidden a file or folder.