Watch TV Online on Your Mobile With Aitel TV Plans

Airtel TV
You may already heard about watching online movies and playing online games etc. When doing so you may sometime wishes to watch online TV. And sometimes when you saw a China Mobile playing TV, Then you may think that why my Nokia can't do so. Well, Now there is a way to do it.
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                 Unfortunately, this is not a hacking trick, thus it is not free of charge. You have to pay if you want to Watch online channels on your Nokia mobile. Till this service is tested on most Nokia phones having Symbian 60 Operating System. You can try it on other phone, but the working of this TV is not granted for other Mobile Phones like Samsung, L.G. etc.
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                 To watch online TV on your mobile , all you have to do is to download an application which let you watch Online Television on your Mobile Phone. This application is provided by Airtel. This application works on both 2G and 3G. But using it on 3G network is recommended because it gives best quality in 3G as compared to 2G. To enjoy this application , you can choose any one of the plans given below:
     1.   Channels = 75,
           Charges = 40 Rupees. For One Week
      2.   Channels = 1
             Charges = 15 Rupees For One Week
      3.   Channels = 1
           Charges = Rupees 10 For One Day.

How to Get Airtel TV Application: 
To install Airtel TV application on your Mobile, please follow the procedure given below:
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  • Goto Main Menu.
  • Goto Messages -> Create New Message.
  • Type : TV and Send it to this Number : 54321
  • Now you will get the application link soon.
How to Stop Airtel TV Service or How to Unsubscribe:
  • Create New Message -> Type STOP without any spaces and send it to 121.
  • Now wait for their reply.
  • When you get the message , Find airtel TV and reply with that number.
You can call Customer care for more information. Check it:  Make Free Call to Customer Care Without Paying Rs. 30 paisa/ 3Mins