How to Make a Call to Airtel Customer Care For Free

Airtel Customer Care
Call Customer Care For Free
Everyone was wondered when cell phone carriers start deducting 30 paisa per 3 Minutes on Customer Care calls. Most of the carriers follows this rule. This looks too annoying for the user. A user who wants somw help have to give his balance without any reason. The most annoying thing is that the customer care technicians told users to wait for a long time and put their call on hold. Thus customer have to waste his money without any reason. This is very irritating.
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              But now there is a solution for this. If you are on Airtel then now you can call Airtel Customer care without any deductions of 30 paisa / 3 minutes. You can call Airtel customer care for free. To do so follow a simple step, Yes its very very simple. Just give it a try and see the magic:
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  • Call to 12161p2p5#p5 and that's all. 
  • Now enjoy calling for free to customer care.