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Content vs SEO
Web Traffic without SEO
How To get more traffic without having any experience or deep knowledge of SEO?
Yes, you can still get a lot of traffic if you are new in SEO and doesn't know more about it. This article will explain how you can do that..
You may surprise when you see the title of this article. Most of the bloggers and webmasters are doing Search Engine Optimization to increase their website traffic and page rank. Almost all thinks that Search Engine Optimization is compulsory to get indexed by Search Engines. But its not true.
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       In official statements Google never say that the SEO is must. They says,"Google and some other search engines may use meta data to index your website."  They said,"may" not always their bots do so.
      According to Matt Cutts,the head of Web Spam of Google, Your site can have a good page rank if you have a good content and it doesn't matter that your Website is optimized or not. So according to Matt Cutts, the content is king. So you have to focus on your website's or blog's content instead of wasting your time on doing black hat SEO techniques that may decrease your page rank and may be the cause of completely ban of your site from Google.
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      So don't be clever by doing black hat SEO techniques to fool Google bots. They are more smart than us. The SEO experts of Master Google also agree to the statement of Matt Cutts. They explains the reason behind it: The reason is that Google is a Search Engine which wants to serve best content to their users. Google wants good content and if your website or blog have that then you don't need to waste your time on doing SEO.
Matt Cutts explained,
That a spider or Google bot may crawl your data if you are very expert in SEO. But a spider is not your regular visitor, he is not going to purchase anything from your site and he is not going to click on your advertisement. Thus it is of no use.
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    Therefore, update your website with good content. And Optimize your website for your readers not for search spiders. Here is the list of some most important tasks to do :
  • Update Your Website or Blog with Useful Information.
  • Do Updates on regular bases. Means don't create 10 posts in a day and then left your blog for a month with no posts. Instead create at least One post in a weak and keep your blog updated. Now readers will come regularly to read new content.
  • Make your website's navigation easy as your reader's need.
  • Don't do SEO tricks about which you don't have deep knowledge. They can decrease your rankings instead of increasing and may cause your site permanently banned by Google. So be careful.
  • If you are not satisfied with only content then you can do a little work in SEO. For example: Defining Meta content etc. But don't do advanced and useless tasks.
  • The main thing is that focus on your content. Never copy content. And never try to play with Google Bots, remember! They are more intelligent than us and knows all truths.