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What is Inductor:
An Inductor is simply a solenoide which is rounded  on a core. This creates a magnetic flux or magnetic field when alternating current or A.C. Supply is given to it. Inductors are used to block some amount of current in a circuit. In inductors the winding is of copper wire and core is of air or steel iron.
A symbol of Inductor is shown below:

What is Inductance:
Inductance is the ability of an inductor to store energy or power in its magnetic field. It is denoted by capital L.
The units of inductance are "Henry".

How Inductor Works:
Inductor works on the principle of Electromagnetic induction or on the faraday's law of electromagnetic induction.
When an alternating supply passed through an inductor, it produces magnetic field around its area. The magnitude of this magnetic field depends on the
  • Number of turns of winding.
  • Thickness of wire used.
  • length of wire.
  • The nature of core used.
  • Amount of current and the direction of current.
We mostly use steel material as core, because its permeability is high. (Permeability is ability of an component to induce magnetic flux in it.)
When we apply alternating current to an inductor, the magnitude of current or voltage changes with time and as a result of this the direction of induced magnetic field also changes and thus oppose the current.

Mainly inductors are of following three types:
  1. Constant or Fixed Inductors.
  2. Adjustable Inductors and
  3. Variable Inductors.

Constant or fixed inductors are those whose value can't be changed.
Adjustable inductors gives some options to change its value.
Variable inductors gives higher adjustment options to change the value of inductance.

Uses of  Inductors:
Inductors have many applications in the field of electrical and electronics. They are used in Amplifiers with capacitors. They are used as filters in telephone lines. They are used as chokes which are of great use. The transformer is also a type of inductor in which we make use of two inductors.

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