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In today's world everything is going to be digital. Even our watches, Mobiles and Computers are digital. Thus digital have an importance role in our daily life. Our computer's chips are made of Logic gates. You can study other logic gates on this site and can check them. Now we are going to learn about EX- Nor gate.
EX-NOR gate is also known as exclusive NOR gate. This gate has two inputs and only on output. (As shown above in figure.)
When the given inputs are same, only then this gate gives high or one at output.
When the inputs are different from one another, then it gives zero at output.
Lets see the truth table to make it more clear:

As we can see that"
  • When both inputs are zero or low then the output is one or high. Here A and B both are at zero.
  • When both opposite to one another, then the output is low or zero. Here A is one and B is Zero.
  • When again both are different, then the output will also zero or low. Here A is Zero and B is One.
  • When both are one or same, then the output will be one or high.

Take a look at the following circuit :

To learn the illustration of EX NOR Gate we can conclude the above diagram.. In above diagram the two switches are used as inputs and LED or Bulb is showing output.
The closed switch means one or high and opened switch means low or zero. When the LED or bulb is glowing it represents one or high at output and when it is OFF , it represents zero or low at output.
If we connect both switches in same direction i.e. either up or down, then output will be zero and bulb doesn't glow. When we connect one in upper and other in lower direction i.e. in opposite direction then the bulb will glow and shows the one or high output.

Boolean Expression :
The operation of an EXNOR gate can also be represented in boolean expressions as :
        _ _ 
X =  AB + AB

This can be read as : X is equal to A NOT and B OR A and B. This tells us that X is equal to One or high when not A and NOT B is zero or A and B is one.
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