Free Softwares For Audio Editing and Mixing

Software For DJ Mixing
Free Software For DJ Mixing
      Audio Mixing and Editing is a great job.The craze of Audio Editing and Mixing is increasing day by day. You may heard and also tried some famous D.J. Mixers , for example Atomix DJ Virtual etc. This is a shareware software and you need to buy this if you are interested in working on this software. The other thing is that this has no so much features. Anyway it depends on your needs and uses. If you want Atomix DJ then comment here and you will get it.
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    Now focus on the main idea. In this article you will find some useful audio editors that are available free and some of them are open source. So obviously they have more features than paid one. Because they are open source and as you know that open source is always best. The examples are Linux and Google Chromium.
Following are some Audio Mixing Software that are available for free:

Free Audio Editor:
This is very easy to use and handy software. The user interface is very simple so that every basic user of windows can use it. This is free of any cost. There are many effects that are available for use. This is available for windows OS.
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This Audio editing tool is very popular. This is for advanced users. This is available for Windows and Linux both operating systems.

This is another most popular Audio Mixing software that is available for free. This tool is available for Windows only and not for Linux and other operating systems. This needs all files to be in .wav format that we going to edit. This software can load 255 audio samples at a time.
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Ultra Mixer:
This is a premium Tool for professionals. To use software you must have a sound card installed on your machine. It is the 3rd generation software of digital Deejaying.